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Go to Macao with my boyfriend and throw $20 million? Complicated relationship is too bloody

Some time ago, Xiao Wang, a girl from Hubei Province, asked us for help. She said that she had paid 20 million yuan in advance for her boyfriend in Macao and wanted him to return it.

After the news broadcast, Xiao Zhang from Hebei came to us and said some of his doubts. Now, another Xiaolin girl comes from Beijing and wants to tell her story with Xiao Wang. Xiao Lin said that before, she only knew that Xiao Wang wanted to get 20 million yuan back from someone, so she wanted to help her and asked her friends in Zhejiang what program was better. Later, she gave Xiao Wang our hotline number, but after watching what Xiao Wang said in the program, she felt 'fried'.

In short, a female swindler went on the show to collect debts. As a result, other creditors saw the news and went on the show one after another to expose the female swindlers. One of the creditors is a well-known figure in the trend circle ten years ago, and Lin Zijun is also a very good friend of Qi Wei.

Let's sort out the story of the news.

First of all, a couple gambled in Macao, and her husband Xiao Mao lost 20 million. His wife, Xiao Wang, said that she paid the money in advance and asked her husband to pay it back. Her husband ignored her and she came directly to the program to collect the debt.

Not long after, Xiao Zhang, a young man from Hubei Province, saw the show and went to the show to expose Xiao Wang, saying that Xiao Wang was a liar, and cheated his own money, and even cheated him.

Tonight, Lin Zijun contacted the program and said that he had been cheated by Xiao Wang for millions.

In addition, Xiao Wang's father-in-law also said that Xiao Wang often said that he was pregnant and miscarried several times. My mother-in-law was very nice to Xiao Wang. She paid 3 million for a diamond ring when she got married. As a result, my mother-in-law didn't even see her daughter-in-law's parents. In order to cheat, Xiao Wang made a fake when his parents died.