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Three ways to apply your face in the battle of anti spot and whitening

Every girl is eager to have flawless skin, white face gives a very comfortable feeling. Therefore, once there is a spot on our face, it will make us sad. The self-confidence of the past no longer exists. It's very distressing to look at the spots on your face. So, what are the ways in life that can help us remove the spots on our faces? Let's fight against spot whitening with Xiaobian!

The first way is to apply lemon juice to your face. Lemon contains vitamin C which can whiten, but if it is not refined, the vitamin C contained in it will not be directly absorbed by the human body, and it contains an solanine component, which is easy to form color spots and make our skin allergic. Therefore, when we apply lemon juice to our face, we must add some water to dilute it. Don't apply during the day, otherwise it will make us blacken and produce color spots after sun exposure.

Second, tomato juice. Tomato is known as the 'storehouse of vitamin C'. This vitamin C component can inhibit the activity of the skin's tryptophan enzyme and reduce the formation of melanin. Often drink tomato juice, not only can help us whitening, but also effectively prevent the formation of color spots. In addition, tomatoes can release more lycopene after being cooked. We might as well drink more tomato soup for beauty and beauty in our life.

The third way -- honey protein membrane. This is a very nutritious natural mask. We just need to prepare a fresh egg and a small spoon of honey, stir well, and then apply it evenly on our face with a small soft brush. During this period, we can massage the face, promote blood circulation and help the skin absorb. About 20 minutes, we can use water to clean our face. Stick to it twice a week and you'll find your skin tender and delicate.