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Japan's search for lost islands: the lost islands affect Japan's territorial waters

What's the matter with Japan's search for the lost island? According to the NHK news on May 21, esanbe nasobi Island, located about 500 meters away from ape Fu Village in the north of Hokkaido, Japan, was one of 158 islands renamed by Japan five years ago to clarify its territorial waters. In October last year, local residents reported that the island "disappeared". Therefore, Japan's Maritime Security Agency began to investigate the area on October 20.

According to the report, the investigation will continue until the 24th. During this period, three officials of the maritime security agency went to the area by boat and used ultrasonic waves to detect the water depth near the island.

It is understood that when the island was discovered 32 years ago, the part on the sea surface was about 1.4 meters high. The head of the marine security headquarters said, "the part on the sea surface of the island is likely to disappear after being washed away by waves or ice floes.".

If an island is still submerged at low tide, it will not be recognized as an island by the United Nations Law of the sea. Since there are no other islands on this section of the coastline, it will affect the territorial waters of Japan.

At present, marine protection official masaku Inamori said, "after confirmation, there are reefs about 1 meter deep in the waters of the island. Since the tide has passed today, we will continue to investigate whether it will come out of the water when the sea level drops.