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80000 bees live in the wall, and the loud noise makes the host collapse

What's the situation of 80000 bees living in the wall? In recent years, bee populations around the world have been threatened, but a house in Spain apparently provides perfect conditions for bees to build a huge hive. However, the owner of the house may not be very happy.

A couple living in Granada, Spain, have been bothered for some time by the strange hum in their home, which makes them unable to sleep at night, CNN reported Tuesday. Seeing that the problem became more and more serious, they decided to take measures to solve it.

Beekeepers said the couple found bees in their home a year ago, but police, firefighters and local committees could do nothing about it. As the temperature rose and the noise grew louder, the couple found Guerrero, who is considered to be a local expert on beehive relocation. 'about three months ago, there was unbearable noise, but they didn't know what to do. 'said greiro.

On May 12, when he came to the couple's home, the experienced beekeeper was stunned by the sight. He found that behind the wall of the bedroom, there was a hive with about 80000 bees. Grello said that it was incredible that the couple could live with this group of 'neighbors' who made a lot of noise, especially the huge size of the hive, which must have killed the bees I have been living here for many years.

'the noise made by bees is not constant. It changes with the activity of bees on the day. Although these bees sometimes fly around and hum, they sometimes work quietly in the hive to provide a moment of silence for their neighbors, "Guerrero said. He mentioned that the huge size of the hive was due to the rising temperature in recent years and the large number of flowers in the area, which prolonged the breeding period of insects.

So far, Guerrero has received more calls from beehives seeking help than ever before. He believes that the local bee population is in good health. 'people are gradually realizing the importance of bees. 'said greiro.