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Typing is as slow as a snail to teach you how to be a shadowless hand on the keyboard

Nowadays, with the popularization of computers, typing has become an important part of our daily life, especially for the white-collar people at our desks, who can't do without typing when processing documents. If we can practice faster, it will greatly improve the efficiency of our work on the computer. So, how can we practice fast typing habits? Next, the editor will teach you a step-by-step method to make you a 'shadowless hand' on the keyboard.

The first step is to be familiar with the correct fingering of typing, so as to lay the foundation for our fast typing. Many people think it's wrong to play faster in their own way because they think it's troublesome. At first, we may not be used to it, but only by learning fingering well and remembering the keys controlled by each finger can we really form a fast typing habit under a period of training.

The second step is to practice according to the requirements of fingering. When we are familiar with the correct fingering operation on the keyboard, then it depends on our practice. We can first practice the key of index finger control, and then take turns to practice. In this process, we must keep our fingers in control of the eight reference keys at all times. When the fingers leave the typing key, remember to return.

Step three, from English letters to typing practice. At the beginning, we can practice typing English letters in Notepad, which can help us to be familiar with the operation of fingering. After that, we will practice typing materials to further improve our typing level. After practicing for a week, we can basically achieve blind play. Here, Xiaobian recommends you to use Sogou input method, because it has a faster response and can help us achieve a better typing experience.