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How about the ending of Lin Yaodong

Recently, the more popular TV series "ice breaking" is popular among the audience. Do you know the ending of several main characters in the drama? This TV play adapted from real events tells the audience about the danger of the anti drug police, the wisdom and courage between the police and the drug dealers in the TV play, and the plot brings us a nervous mood. It truly shows the hidden rules between the inside story of the drug dealers and the police as the umbrella!

In the TV series, the most attractive thing is the performance of the old dramatist. In the play, there is a Hong Kong tycoon, Zhao Jialiang, who appears to be a drug dealer magnate. In fact, he is an informant of the police. He helps the police destroy a lot of drug transactions and ambushes the drug dealers for a long time. He receives unexpected results and brings great help to the police. He is also Li Fei's biological father But in the end, Zhao Jialiang returned to the mainland and reunited with his son!

Li Weimin, played by Zhao Gang, is an upright anti drug policeman in the play. He is also a representative of the anti drug police. The anti drug in the play is directed by Li Weimin. Li Weimin is the core character in the play. He has ideas and means to do things, and there are many excellent apprentices. Finally, under the leadership of Li Weimin, he destroys the drug lords in Dongshan, and the ending is perfect!

As the village director of tazhai village, Lin Yaodong is good at camouflage and careful thinking. On the surface, tazhai village is peaceful and peaceful, and the villagers have a good life. However, the production of drugs in tazhai village is promoted by Lin Yaodong, and the whole village is dominated by him! But he was caught in the wrong place, and the whole village was uprooted After the outcome was sentenced to death!