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What is small base weight loss? Is it hard to lose weight on a small basis

Many people know that it's difficult to lose weight, but for people with well-balanced body shape, it's very difficult to lose weight with a small base, so how to lose weight with a small base? Let's have a look!

What is small base weight loss

It means that people with small base weight are not fat, so the effect of weight loss is not obvious. Small base and its relative large base are the words often mentioned by people who lose weight. Generally speaking, the weight loss base is the weight at the beginning of weight loss. Small base generally refers to the light weight at the beginning, which can be basically equivalent to BMI, also known as body mass index.

Small cardinal number and its relative large cardinal number are the words often mentioned by people who lose weight. Body base refers to the balance of body index, small base refers to the fat content is relatively small, the fat layer is thin. (for example, a person who is 160 in height, weighs 50kg at present and is going to be - 5kg can be called a small base. )

Why is it so difficult to lose weight on a small basis

Because the body is well proportioned, there is no substantial change, and the weight lost is also very small, which can not be seen from the appearance. The consumption is certain, so there is no direct change. Weight loss is inseparable from exercise, small base through exercise is easy to thin down, can also change their body shape, daily exercise, a little change. Change your lifestyle. Usually develop a low salt and low oil diet, take a walk after meals, choose low calorie and high fiber food in food choice, and gradually form a habit, which is not easy to get fat.

Weight loss needs strong self-control and strong execution. Every time you want to give up, tell yourself to stick to it for another month. Wang Jianlin, the richest man, will exercise for an hour every day. If you are so poor, don't be lazy any more! In fact, it's really difficult to lose weight when your weight is in the range of small base. This is a normal phenomenon.

When the body enters the normal weight range, in fact, the redundant body fat is no longer there. What is left is the necessary part. If you want to lose weight, you must persist long enough to make your body think that lighter weight is healthy. This is the key.

Adhere to exercise is also a very important aspect, and exercise in the process of small base weight loss is particularly important. Not only to exercise, but also to try different types of exercise, a single way of exercise may not play the role of whole body fat burning, also can not drive all parts of the body, so a variety of sports in exchange can effectively exercise the whole body, let the body all-round thin down. And some kind of exercise time is long, after the body is familiar with, will begin to be lazy, do not carry on the redundant heat consumption.

Healthy eating habits

Breakfast: have a good breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to metabolic disorders.

Breakfast, as the first meal of the day, is very important for nutrition intake, health status and work or study efficiency. Do not eat breakfast, easy to cause energy and other nutritional deficiencies, reduce the efficiency of work, life and study in the morning. What should we eat? Eggs, milk, whole wheat bread, hot millet porridge, and side dishes are all good choices.

Lunch: a moderate amount of staple food, lean meat (fish, duck, peeled chicken), vegetables (celery, broccoli, kelp, wax gourd, tofu, etc. can be eaten more during the weight loss period), and less deep processed food such as frying and frying.

Dinner: absolutely to eat less, and low calorie, such as: no sugar oats, porridge, cucumber, fruit, etc. Don't eat after 6 o'clock. If you are really hungry, you can drink some yogurt, honey water and eat some apples.