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What are the top 10 Luxury lipstick brands? Top 10 Luxury lipstick brands in 2019

Lipstick has always been an irresistible thing for girls, which girl does not carry one or two Lipsticks in her bag, lipstick is a symbol of charm for women, it can increase women's self-confidence in various occasions. So lipstick has become a lot of female friends. They will collect all kinds of lipsticks in their life. What are the top ten luxury brands of lipstick? Here is the list of top 10 Luxury lipstick brands in 2019. What are the top 10 Luxury lipstick brands?

Armani loves Lipstick:

The price is more than 300, the color is super good, the red color is very positive, 'the red lips are bright outside, the white teeth are fresh inside', naturally full, bright and bright, and there is no color difference.

MAC fashion Lipstick:

The price of MAC is over 100 yuan, but it also belongs to the more famous lipstick. It's also very chromogenic.


DIOR's colorful gold lipstick is almost too high, though more than 300 yuan still makes it hard for people to cut their hands.

Tom Ford:

Although this black gold lipstick does not dare to use many people, its price is at 400+, mainly because it is very durable.

Givenchy custom lamb skin Lipstick:

The price is more than 300 yuan and the moisture level is very high. The consumer report has tested the moisturizing degree of lipstick. The moisture content and the subjective evaluation of the lipstick are tested by the moisture tester to determine the moisturizing effect of each lipstick.

That is to say, apply 12 lipsticks side by side on the back of the same person's hand, stay for 30 minutes, and then measure the skin water score of the area with a moisture tester.

The test results showed that Armani Armani, Shiseido and Givenchy performed well.


It's also a lipstick that blows up the circle of friends. It's also more than 300 yuan, but the square tube packaging has high appearance value, so there's no way.


Lancome cosmetics do not need to say more, this less than three hundred yuan lipstick durability is very outstanding. Suitable for hand cutting.


Maybelline's dummy lipstick is only more than 100 yuan, but its color and durability are not inferior to the above brand names.


Chanel's glamour lip gloss is more than 300 yuan, and its color and brightness are bright spots.