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What does 521 mean? What's the difference between 520 and 521

Yesterday was 520 day, today 521 Valentine's Day continues. It's all Internet Valentine's day. What's the difference between 520 and 521? 520 is mainly for women, while 521 is mainly for men. Today, I'll tell you in detail what the difference is between the two days.

What does 521 mean

Internet Valentine's Day is a love festival in the information age, which is set on May 20 and May 21 every year, because the homonym of '520' and '521' is' I love you '. 520, 521, simple network popular language, express people's beautiful yearning for love. 521 is also a natural integer between 520 and 522.

Origin of 521 festivals

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Internet world has quietly emerged an online Festival -- online Valentine's day, which is spontaneously organized by hundreds of millions of Internet users. This is the first fixed festival in the virtual network world, which is set on May 20 and May 21 every year, because the homophony of '520' and '521' is' I love you '.

The festival originates from the close relationship between "520" in singer fan Xiaoxuan's "digital love" and "I love you" in musician Wu Yulong's online songs. Later, '521' was gradually given the meaning of 'I would like to, I love you' by lovers. "Internet Valentine's Day" is also known as "wedding day", "white day", "coquetry day" and "courtship day".

The difference between 520 and 521 festivals

520 is mainly for women, while 521 is mainly for men. Men can choose to say "520" (I love you) to their wives, girlfriends or favorite goddesses on May 20. May 21 is the day to confirm the answer. The moved women should remember to reply "521" (I do, I love you) to their husbands, boyfriends or favorite goddesses.

As a result, the Internet Valentine's day on May 20 and 21 every year has become an auspicious day for couples to get together to register for marriage and hold a grand wedding banquet.

521 online Valentine's Day

At 13:14 on May 20 (21), the homonym of this series of numbers is just 'I love you all my life'. Many netizens call on us to grasp this special time point and make some romantic tricks. In the past two days, the lovers who broke up, the secret lovers who love hard to open their hearts, the lovers who are dating, the newly married couples, the new parents & hellip; & hellip; all yelled out that 'I love you' on the Internet.

When online Valentine's day comes, many couples, lovers and netizens who have secret love in their hearts begin to tangle: how to express themselves? Do you have (do you have) self-esteem expression? Do you have high success rate expression? Do you have romantic expression and creative expression?

521 gift recommendation

If the goddess who received the gift yesterday, do you think of how to respond to him? 521 watch the day, to get rid of the male god, you still need a smart robe to help.

To your God

'tie him up '

Tie and belt

The moral of tie and belt is' tie him '. Although it's a conservative gift, it does mean good and practical. As long as you can choose, the 'old-fashioned' gift will also shine.

I think of you all the time

Send Wallet

According to an online survey, wallet is among the most popular gifts given by boys and girls. The reason is that someone said: 'you can take the wallet with you every day and think of her every time you open it.