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Origin and origin of online Valentine's day in 2019

How many red envelopes are suitable for 520 in 2019? 520 is also may 20. Because the homophony sounds like 'I love you', it is called Internet Valentine's day. Couples give each other gifts or red envelopes. So today's Internet Valentine's day, how many red envelopes is appropriate for your girlfriend?

How many red envelopes are appropriate for 520 in 2019

The most basic ones are 5.20 and 520, which means "I love you" in itself, and also conform to the date of May 20.

The amount of special "love red" in wechat red envelope is 5.20 yuan, 13.14 yuan, 9.99 yuan, 99.99 yuan, 7.77 yuan and 77.77 yuan.

2.58, 25.8, 258 -- love me

3.60, 360, 36.0 -- miss you 13.14, 131.4, 1314 -- life 15.73, 1573 -- deep love

Love you forever

2099 - love you for a long time

25.13, 2513 -- love me all my life

20.13, 2013 -- love you all your life

2.41, 24.1, 241 -- love you only

8.85, 88.5, 885 -- hold me

3.4, 34 -- Acacia

80.50, 8050 -- hug you and kiss you

7.75, 77.5 775 -- kiss me

7.77, 77.77 -- kiss

9.99, 99.99 -- forever

How to divide 520 red packets? There is an upper limit on the amount of wechat red packets, but 520 is definitely the most suitable one to send 520! Since there is an upper limit, it is suggested to send two 50, two 200 and one 20, which means to love each other with the most love, both mentally and physically.

1. Send 520.00 directly and say 'I love you' frankly

2. Send 10 52.0, tell her ten times' I love you '

3. Send two 50, two 200, one 20, which means to love each other with the most love, both mentally and physically.

4. 13 times each time 40 yuan, 13 is a lifetime love you! 5, 52.1 yuan, 52.1 yuan, 131.4 yuan, 131.4 yuan, 21.6 yuan

What festival is May 20, 2019

Internet Valentine's Day / watch day / advertising day.

At the beginning of the 21st century, an online Festival, Valentine's day, which is spontaneously organized by hundreds of millions of Internet users, is quietly emerging in the Internet world. It is also called 'advertising day'. At 13:14 on May 20, it sends advertising messages to the people it likes, which means' I love you all my life '. "520 day" is the first fixed festival on the Chinese Internet. It is derived from the homonym of "I love you". The purpose is to provide an opportunity and channel for "E-lovers" from two places to convey their love. Because this festival belongs to the network Festival, so the festival crowd is mainly young people, the object is mostly 'ambiguous' relationship; most netizens will use SMS, instant messaging, and even network virtual gifts as a means of advertising.

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