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Drink Chinese medicine precautions and taboos drink Chinese medicine these points to remember

Traditional Chinese medicine still occupies a large position in our country's medical treatment, especially for the body conditioning and health care, traditional Chinese medicine is still very effective, so what are the precautions for drinking traditional Chinese medicine?

1. It's best not to eat food that affects the efficacy

For example, spicy, raw and cold, strong food are relatively more affect the normal efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, some even have some harmful effects, so in the process of taking traditional Chinese medicine, it is best to avoid eating, for more heavy taste food, it is better to eat less, or not to eat, so as not to produce some adverse harm to the body.

It is suggested to follow the doctor's advice. If you can't eat the food during the medication, you'd better not eat it. Anyway, your body is more important.

2. Don't overdose

In order to recover as soon as possible, some patients will overdo traditional Chinese medicine, but this is too much is better than too much. The treatment can't be carried out too quickly. The body has its own range of tolerance, so it can't pursue speed. If you want to be fast, you can't achieve it. On the contrary, it will do harm to your body. It's like eating too much cassia seed may lead to abdominal pain and other adverse effects. It's the third part of the drug, and it's not random.

3. It depends on your personal condition

The use of drugs in patients with different constitutions is also different, such as patients with gastrointestinal problems, like what is harmful to the gastrointestinal cold drugs, it is best not to use or use less. There are more taboos for special groups such as pregnant women, so we can't use drugs blindly, and we need to pay more attention to drugs with special efficacy.

4. How to eat Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is not something you can eat at any time, or you need to follow some rules. For example, traditional Chinese medicine is generally taken before meals in the morning and before going to bed, so the effect is better. But there are some special cases, such as some drugs with some stimulation, which are best taken after meals, so as not to cause damage to the intestines and stomach. Of course, patients can also take a small amount of medicine, but avoid the best medicine is not overnight, patients can take cold storage, so as to avoid the production of bacteria.

5. Folk prescription cannot be blindly believed

There are many folk prescriptions, especially the propagandists exaggerate the effectiveness of drugs, so even if they are effective, the efficacy is not as good as the publicity. And for these folk prescriptions, especially traditional Chinese medicine, some of them have no effect. It is suggested that we should take it under the guidance of a professional doctor, which is beneficial to the recovery of patients.

In general, although the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine on the human body is not as big as western medicine, we still need to pay attention to the above precautions. Not all people are suitable for the same drug treatment, and the eating method of traditional Chinese medicine is particular. It is suggested that patients should take traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of professional doctors, which is a guarantee for their own health.