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How to divide mobile QQ friends into groups? Mobile QQ friend grouping steps

QQ is one of our favorite communication software. It is popular with users and brings us a lot of convenience and fun. However, some small partners are not familiar with some of its settings. To put it simply, many people don't know how to group friends in mobile QQ. Xiaobian will share with you how to group friends in mobile QQ today? Mobile QQ friend grouping steps to learn to see.

The details are as follows: first, we find the 'QQ' icon in the mobile phone, click to enter the main interface, and then select the 'contact' item.

Step 2, as shown in the figure, please click one of the friends you want to group.

Step 3. Next, please select the [more] item on the top right of the new interface.

Step 4: after completing the above steps, we will come to the new interface as shown in the figure. Please select group.

Step 5: next, we will find that all the existing groups have been displayed on the screen. Please select one of them.

The last step, after completion, you will find that the system will appear 'mobile friends grouping success' system prompt, the operation is successful.

The above is the method of grouping friends in mobile QQ.