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What fruit to eat in Xiaoman solar term? What are the seasonal fruits in Xiaoman season

People can't do without fruits. All kinds of fruits enrich our life and satisfy our taste buds and all kinds of nutrients and vitamins needed by our body. Many people like to eat seasonal fruits because seasonal fruits are better than greenhouse fruits. It's going to Xiaoman soon. What are the seasonal fruit recommendations for Xiaoman solar term?

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

1. Red bayberry

Red bayberry can help you increase your appetite. Myrica rubra contains a variety of organic acids, as well as a large amount of vitamin C. We all know that the taste of Myrica rubra is a little sour. Sour things will promote appetite and strengthen gastrointestinal digestion. Therefore, eating Myrica rubra can increase the acidity in the stomach, digest food and promote appetite. Myrica rubra pulp is rich in cellulose, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to the excretion of toxins in the body, so it has the effect of detoxification and beauty.

Myrica rubra is a kind of warm summer fruit. Some people eat too much bayberry will appear oral ulcer. Don't be confused by the sweetness of red bayberry. It turns out that red bayberry contains more acid. People with too much acid in the stomach may easily damage the gastric mucosa, have acid regurgitation, belch, and even burn the esophagus. Gargling after eating waxberry can protect teeth.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

2. Watermelon

The water content of watermelon is second to none in fruits, so it is especially suitable to supplement the water loss of human body.

In addition, it also contains a variety of amino acids with skin physiological activity, which are easy to be absorbed by the skin, and has good moisturizing, nutritional, sunscreen and whitening effects on the facial skin.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

3. Plum

Plum is an indispensable fruit in summer. Slightly acid plums are rich in vitamin C. Because 85% of plums are water, they can help relieve hunger and thirst, and make people feel full. It is an ideal diet. Plums are also rich in food fiber, which is conducive to gastrointestinal movement and defecation, reducing constipation.

Plum contains a high amount of fruit acid, which can hurt the spleen and stomach. Excessive consumption is easy to cause stomach pain. Patients with ulcers and acute and chronic gastroenteritis should not take it. More food is easy to produce phlegm dampness, hurt the spleen and stomach, and damage teeth. Therefore, spleen deficiency, phlegm dampness and children should not eat more.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

4. Lemon

Lemon rich in vitamin C can promote metabolism, delay aging, whiten and lighten spots, narrow pores, soften cuticle and make skin lustrous.

Lemon can reduce the incidence rate of skin cancer, and the incidence rate of skin cancer can be reduced by 30% a week or so.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

5. Oranges

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which can enhance the body's resistance, increase the elasticity of capillaries, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and ensure good health in summer.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

6. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit contains VC, VE, VK and other vitamins. It is a low-fat food rich in nutrition and dietary fiber. It has a unique effect on weight loss, bodybuilding and beauty.

Kiwi fruit contains antioxidants, which can enhance the body's self immune function.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

7. Cherry

Loquat, red bayberry and cherry are called 'three sisters of early summer fruit'. Cherry contains sugar, citric acid, carotene, vitamin C, iron and other ingredients, especially the highest iron content of fruits. The carotene content is five times higher than that of apples and grapes, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of anemia and eye protection. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that its nature is sweet, sour and slightly warm. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the blood and skin, strengthen the muscles and bones, generate fluid to quench thirst, astringent essence to stop diarrhea.

Xiaoman seasonal fruit recommendation

8. Loquat

'Xiaoman Pipa banpohuang'. Among the fresh fruits, loquat is probably the only one on the market at the right time. Loquat is a kind of fruit with strong seasonality and short marketing time, so we must seize the time to eat. Many cough syrup contains loquat ingredients, this is because loquat contains amygdalin, can moisten the lung, cough, expectorant, treatment of cough.