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Is the nutritionist certificate high in gold? What is the prospect of dietitian employment

The gold content of dietitian certificate is relatively high. The dietitian certificate can increase the professional competitiveness of dietitians and realize quality employment. It is also a stepping stone to the employment of dietitians. Holding the dietitian certificate is also conducive to shaping the image of their own experts; And the certificate of nutritionist is widely used in the whole country, with high authority, and can also receive the corresponding national welfare treatment. From this, we can see that the gold content of the certificate of nutritionist is still very high.

Gold content of nutritionist certificate

1. The certificate of nutritionist can increase the professional competitiveness of professionals, train excellent skills and realize quality employment.

2. If you want to enter a related industry, you may not even have an interview opportunity.

3. Expert identity: health products, health food practitioners with a certificate is conducive to shaping their own image of experts.

4. The knowledge of nutrition should be applied to protect the health of oneself, family and friends.

The certificate of nutritionist is protected by the labor law and the vocational education law. The certificate is generally used in the whole country and can be inquired by the national authoritative website. It has high authority. Some regions are gradually linking the professional qualification certificate with the policies of endowment insurance and expert subsidies. The professional qualification certificate recognized by the state can enjoy the corresponding national welfare treatment.

What is the prospect of dietitian employment

Experts generally say that nutritionists are widely employed. Now, the pattern of diet and disease in China is changing. If we can quickly establish an excellent team of nutritionists to guide the diet of residents and correct the health problems caused by bad eating habits, it will play a positive role in promoting the national health level.

Experts also pointed out that the knowledge structure of nutritionists involves basic nutrition, community nutrition, disease nutrition, food nutrition, catering nutrition, beauty nutrition, sports nutrition, medicated diet nutrition, etc., so the employment direction is relatively wide, including private nutritionists, school nutritionists, food nutritionists, weight loss nutritionists, hotel nutritionists, fitness nutritionists Nutritionist, sports nutritionist, business nutritionist, health nutritionist, nutrition lecturer, clinical nutritionist, etc.

There are several grades of nutritionist certificate

Public nutritionists are divided into five levels of public nutritionists (junior nutritionists), four levels of public nutritionists (intermediate nutritionists), three levels of public nutritionists (Senior nutritionists), two levels of public nutritionists (nutritionists technicians), one level of public nutritionists (Senior nutritionists technicians), currently there are almost no people in the five levels;

Most of the students take Level 2, level 3 and level 4 exams according to their own conditions. At present, the highest level is level 2. There is no level 1 exam in China. Only Hubei Province has organized level 1 exam. However, the certificates obtained in the exam are only used in the province, not in the whole country.