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Ice breaking operation where is tazhai village in reality? What is the prototype of tazhai village

The TV series "ice breaking" is not adapted from the novel, but from the 2013 "thunder anti drug" operation organized by Guangdong Province. The prototype of tazhai village in the play is boshe village. Every family in this village produces and sells drugs, which belongs to family operation, industrialized operation and local protection. It is known as "Asia's first drug making village".

Ice breaking operation where is tazhai village?

In order to ensure the authenticity of the story introduction of ice breaking action diversity, the writer also went to Guangdong to collect materials, just to make the characters and stories closer to reality. Tazhai village is the boshe village of that year. It is located in the southeast of Jiaxi Town, Lufeng City, Guangdong Province. It is located in the coastal plain area. Not only the land transportation is convenient, but also the waterway is very convenient. Ships can go to Shantou, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other areas. Here, the clan forces are intertwined, the ancestral temples are numerous, and the folk customs are traditional.

In recent years, there have been some good modern suspense criminal investigation dramas, most of which are presented in the form of online dramas. After the "ice breaking action" was broadcast on the star, it soon set off a ratings boom, and both the ratings and the platform scoring have been well received. Anyone who knows the background of the play knows that the play is based on a real case, and the heinous "first drug making village" is also presented in the play, which is the prototype of tazhai village in the play. The plot takes Li Fei and Li Weimin as the protagonists, and the just and brave anti drug police and drug dealers present a story of fighting wits and bravery. So what's the real case of ice breaking? Let's follow the new movie to understand it!

Ice breaking is based on the script creation prototype of the once sensational case. After deeply understanding the real case, you will find that the truth behind it is so shocking.

Introduction to the real case of ice breaking operation

There is a very famous village in the TV series ice breaking operation, which is tazhai village. The real name of tazhai village is actually boshe village in Guangdong Province, which is also the first village of drug manufacturing in China. This seemingly very ordinary village actually has a very large and complicated family. No matter who is caught in the village, it will cause other villagers to worry So it's very difficult to carry out any task in this village.

In 2013, Guangdong province carried out a large-scale 'thunder anti drug' operation. In the play's tazhai village, boshe village, this village is a family run drug making village. Every family is making drugs and trafficking in drugs, and it is also protected by local authorities, which makes it more difficult for the anti drug police to investigate and arrest That's why in the first episode of the TV series, Li Fei, a policeman, was surrounded by villagers for a day and a night in order to perform his duty.

In fact, many viewers will be very surprised to see that the villagers here are so blatant and even do not hesitate to break the law. In fact, it has a lot to do with the current situation of life here. Many people who may meet in tazhai village have certain relatives. People are fearless for anything for their interests and survival. In the play, we can also see how powerful the evil forces in tazhai village are.

In the real situation, in 2013, the anti drug police made unimaginable efforts, and even took off-site use of police, mobilized more than 3000 police forces, formed a number of arrest teams, and agreed to arrange the arrest operation, destroyed 77 drug manufacturing factories, arrested more than 100 people, seized up to 3 tons of drugs, and more than 20 tons of raw materials for drug production. The operation was completed very successfully.

And the director who created this play, in order to truly restore the case of that year, made more visits to make the plot closer to reality. From this play, we can also see the danger of anti drug police, let us know the real people's heroes, and pay high respect to them.