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What is online Valentine's day? The origin of Internet Valentine's Day

Internet Valentine's day does not belong to 12 Valentine's days. Why is it also called Internet Valentine's day? When is Internet Valentine's day? Internet Valentine's Day is also a popular festival nowadays. Do you know the origin of Internet Valentine's day?

What is Internet Valentine's day

In 1998, singer fan Xiaoxuan sang a song "digital love". In the lyrics, the number '520' is compared to 'I love you'. These three numbers have been given the meaning of love. Later, '521' is also expressed as' I would like to, I love you 'by the men and women in love.

In 2005, an online song by musician Wu Yulong closely linked 'I love you' with 'online lover'. Gradually, each year's May 20 and May 21 has become the spontaneous rise of the festival netizens - Network Valentine's day.

Once upon a time, Internet Valentine's day, an online Festival spontaneously organized by hundreds of millions of Internet users, has quietly sprung up in the Internet world. This is the first fixed festival in the virtual network world, which is set on May 20 and May 21 every year, because the homophony of '520' and '521' is' I love you '.

Cyber Valentine's day aims to promote healthy cyber culture and establish rational cyber cognition. Let the network emotion make up for the real life, but not conflict with the reality, guide a correct direction for the network emotion, and seek benefits and avoid harm, which is the advocacy concept of network Valentine's day.

What day is online Valentine's day

Internet Valentine's Day is a love festival in the information age, which is scheduled for May 20 and May 21 every year.

The festival originates from the close relationship between "520" in singer fan Xiaoxuan's "digital love" and "I love you" in musician Wu Yulong's online songs. Later, '521' was gradually given the meaning of 'I would like to, I love you' by lovers. "Internet Valentine's Day" is also known as "wedding day", "white day", "coquetry day" and "courtship day".