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What's going on with the U.S. stock market crash? Reasons for the sharp drop in the opening price of

A few days ago, the U.S. stock market plummeted, and the three major sectors almost reached the bottom. After the news came out, it attracted a lot of investors' hot discussion. According to the latest news of the U.S. stock market crash at the beginning of the day, the U.S. stock market returned to its normal trend today. So why did the U.S. stock market crash in 2019? I believe many netizens want to know!

Latest news of US stock market

In fact, there is a reason for the U.S. stock market crash. During the Sino US trade war some time ago, trump asked for a trade war and imposed 200 billion tariffs on China. After the news came out, he thought China would be hurt, but he didn't expect the U.S. stock market crash, which is tantamount to throwing stones at his own feet!

U.S. stocks fell sharply

On Monday, May 13, et, U.S. stocks fell sharply at the beginning of trading. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened 442.69 points lower, down 1.71% to 25499.68, the S & P 500 index opened 48.50 points lower, down 1.68% to 2832.90, and the Nasdaq composite index opened 187.07 points lower, down 2.36% to 7729.87. In terms of individual stocks, apple, which is closely related to the Chinese market, fell 5.5%, while Boeing fell 2.8%. In the week from May 6 to May 10, the S & P 500 index, which has been rising for 54 of the 85 trading days since the beginning of the year, fell for four consecutive trading days, falling 2.17% in the week, the biggest weekly decline so far in 2019; The Dow fell 2.12%, the NASDAQ fell 3.03%, and the value of the US stock market evaporated about $960 billion in the past week. The outflow of US $14 billion from US equity funds is the largest since January 2019.