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How about Russian wax? What are the advantages of Russian wax

In recent years, with the rise of wax in the entertainment market, Chinese people mentioned that Russia would not only think of 'fighting nation', but also think of 'wax'. Because the reserves of Russian honey wax amber account for more than 90% of the world, and the volume of Russian raw ore is the largest in the world. Kaliningrad state is also known as the amber capital of the world. So many characteristics naturally make Russian honey wax the focus of attention of Chinese people.

How about Russian wax

With the rising popularity of Russian wax in China, there are more and more questions about whether Russian wax is good or not and whether Russian wax is worth collecting. So today, let's talk about how Russian wax is?

The biggest characteristic of Russian honey wax is its large size and abundant output. But at the same time, the biggest defect of Russian material is that it has more cracks, which leads to the low yield of Russian material. Therefore, although Russia has the largest amount of wax in the world, only 40% of the wax goes into the finished products, while the other 60% of the wax is crushed and can only be used in industry or agriculture.

Russian honey wax

Does that mean that Russian wax is not good? It is not. The waxes of Russian materials are basically very thick, the texture is flowing naturally, and they are very delicate and moist. Moreover, the colors are mainly goose yellow, chicken oil yellow and other most popular beeswax colors, so they are very popular with beeswax players.

In addition, the biggest feature of Russian honey wax is its obvious aroma, especially Russian white wax, which can smell the obvious aroma only by gently rubbing. Therefore, Russian materials are also very popular among white honey lovers, and their value is very high.