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It's corrupt for doctors and nurses to cut in line with their acquaintances. What do you think

Do you think it's understandable that doctors and nurses cut in with acquaintances? In order to crack down on medical fraud, false publicity, arbitrary charges and insurance fraud, the Provincial Health Commission, the anti Mafia office, the public security department, the market supervision bureau and the medical insurance bureau decided to carry out a one-year special rectification action for the health industry since May.

Crack down on "medical trouble" and investigate medical institutions and medical staff's Insurance Fraud

The scope of the action includes all levels of health administrative departments and all kinds of health institutions, in order to rectify and standardize the medical and health order, and create a good environment for medical treatment and public health services.

There are nine key tasks

We will crack down on the "medical trouble" incident and the problem of disturbing and disturbing visits. We will crack down on such illegal and criminal acts as insulting, threatening, beating medical personnel and illegally restricting their personal freedom according to law. According to the law, we should deal with such behaviors as setting up a memorial hall privately, burning paper money, placing wreaths, hanging banners, blocking the gate, illegally morgue and gathering people to make trouble in medical institutions.

Crack down on all kinds of illegal practices. We should severely crack down on the leasing, lending and transferring of "medical practice certificate" according to law; Medical institutions buy, sell, transfer or rent "medical institution practice license" or "doctor practice certificate", carry out diagnosis and treatment activities beyond the scope of registration, or carry out clinical health care business under the guidance of non health administrative departments, use non health technical personnel to engage in medical and health technical work, carry out fetal gender identification for non-medical needs, and selectively terminate pregnancy . Focus on physical examination, medical cosmetology, reproduction (infertility), Urology, skin (sexually transmitted diseases), obstetrics and Gynecology, tumor, ophthalmology and other areas where social medical services are active.

We will crack down on medical insurance fraud. We will carry out special measures to crack down on fraud in obtaining medical security funds, and investigate and deal with fraud in medical institutions and their medical staff. Focus on the behavior of inducing and deceiving the insured to be hospitalized through false publicity and physical examination; the behavior of retaining, stealing and using the social security card of the insured; the behavior of fabricating medical services and medical documents or bills; the behavior of falsely recording and over recording drugs, diagnosis and treatment items, medical consumables and medical service facilities; the behavior of false recording and over recording; Collusion of drugs, equipment, diagnosis and treatment projects to defraud medical insurance funds.

We should seriously investigate and deal with 'micro corruption' and 'medical corruption' and prohibit 'coordinating registration and arranging hospital beds'

At the same time, the chaos of "medical care" and "number traders" should be rectified. We should strictly punish the internal employment of "medical care" or participation in "number reversal", "bed reversal" and "medicine reversal".

We will crack down on 'micro corruption' and 'medical corruption'. In view of the problems of 'micro corruption' and 'medical corruption' among medical staff pointed out by the second inspection group of the provincial Party committee, we should seriously investigate and deal with the 'micro corruption' behaviors that harm the interests of the masses, such as medical staff and staff receiving 'red envelope' kickbacks', individual cadres giving drugs, health care products and medical devices by taking advantage of their functions and powers, and helping relatives and friends' coordinate registration and arrange hospital beds'.

We will rectify the disorder of public security around the units, and solve the problems of noisy, poor and old medical environment and dirty, smelly and poor toilets.

To investigate and deal with induced consumption and excessive diagnosis and treatment, intraoperative price increase will be included in the bad score

We will investigate and deal with arbitrary charges, induced consumption and excessive diagnosis and treatment. Investigate and deal with the splitting operation or inspection items according to the law, failing to publicize the service price according to the requirements, failing to charge according to the basis, etc. We will severely crack down on deception, inducement, and forcing patients to accept treatment and consumption by means of false diagnosis, exaggeration of the condition or curative effect, and the use of 'medical care', as well as the promotion and sale of so-called 'health care' related products in the name of medical treatment. Focus on the rectification of over inspection, over drug use, illegal use of consumables, illegal charges and other violations of diagnosis and treatment routine, induce medical treatment and excessive medical treatment, especially intraoperative price increase and other serious violations, which are included in the management of bad practice score and credit system of medical institutions, and released to the public.