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What is the date of frost in 2017? What is good for frost season health?

Frost is one of the 24 solar terms. It is the last solar term in autumn on October 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. It also means the beginning of winter. During the frost season, health care is particularly important. There is a folk saying that it is better to make up the frost thoroughly every year than to make up the frost. What do you eat in the frost season? What are the customs of frost?

The custom of frost

1. Persimmon in frost

In some parts of our country, red persimmons are eaten in frost season. In the eyes of local people, it can not only keep warm and keep warm, but also mend muscles and bones. It is a very good frost food. Quanzhou old people for the frost to eat persimmon said: frost to eat persimmon, not runny nose. In some places, the explanation for this custom is that you should eat the seeds on the frost day, or your lips will crack all winter.

Persimmons are generally fully mature before and after frost. At this time, persimmons have thin skin, fresh meat, delicious taste, high nutritional value, and their vitamins and sugar content are about 1-2 times higher than that of common fruits. If a person eats a persimmon a day, the vitamin C that takes basically can satisfy a day need half.

Although persimmon is delicious, it must not be eaten on an empty stomach; it should also be eaten in an appropriate amount, preferably not more than 100g at a time; do not eat unripe persimmon; people with diabetes, chronic gastritis, delayed emptying, dyspepsia and other low gastric functions should not be eaten.

Persimmon is high in sugar and pectin. After eating persimmon, some of them will stay in the mouth, especially in the teeth. With weak acid tannic acid, it is easy to erode the teeth and form caries. Therefore, you should drink a few mouthfuls immediately after eating persimmon or rinse your mouth in time. Autumn is the season when hairy crabs come into the market. According to traditional Chinese medicine, crabs and persimmons are cold food, so they cannot be eaten together. From the perspective of modern medicine, crabs, fish and shrimps with high protein are easy to coagulate into persimmon stone under the action of tannic acid.

2. Frost climbing

There is a custom of climbing high and overlooking in the frost season. Climbing can not only make the function of the lungs comfortable, but also make you feel relaxed and relaxed. The sky is high and the clouds are light, the maple leaves are dyed completely, and it's pleasant to climb high and overlook, but we should also pay attention to it.

The climbing time should avoid the low temperature morning and evening. When climbing, be calm and slow to avoid sprain of waist and leg; don't walk too fast down the mountain to avoid knee joint injury or muscle strain. In the process of climbing, you should increase or decrease clothes to adapt to the change of temperature; when you rest, don't sit on the wet ground or at the air outlet; when you sweat, you can loosen your clothes slightly and don't take off your clothes or hats to prevent cold and cold.

For the elderly, they should take a walking stick, which not only saves physical strength, but also is conducive to safety. When climbing the mountain, pay attention to the concentration, and pay attention to whether the stone moves under the foot, so as to avoid stepping into the air. When walking on a steep slope, it is best to take a zigzag route to climb, so as to ease the slope.

3. Enjoying chrysanthemum in frost

In ancient times, there was a saying that "frost blows chrysanthemums to open", so climbing mountains and appreciating chrysanthemums became the elegant thing of frost fall. There is a record in the book of continuation of Qi Dynasty. 'when frost comes, only the grass is flourishing', so chrysanthemum is regarded as' the grass waiting for the time 'by the ancients and becomes a symbol of vitality. Frost season is the time when autumn chrysanthemum is in full bloom. At this time, chrysanthemum Fair will be held in many places in China to enjoy chrysanthemum and drink wine to show respect and love for chrysanthemum.

In the eyes of the ancients, chrysanthemum has an unusual cultural significance, which is considered as "longevity extending guest" and "ageless grass". "Miscellaneous five element script" said: in the house beside the planting of 'poplar, dogwood three root, increase life, in addition to damage. 'the cold air of late autumn that infringes on the body is often regarded as the evil spirit of ghosts in ancient times. It can drive away the wind and drive away the evil and cold dogwood. It is used by the people to drive away diseases and cure diseases.

4. When frost comes, pull out radish

In Shandong Province, there is an agricultural proverb "sorghum in summer, Bailu Valley, frost to pull Radish", so Shandong people like to eat radish. There is a saying in the agricultural proverb "frost Radish". It means that there will be a big temperature difference in the morning and evening after the frost. If the radish is not harvested in time, it will have frozen skin, which will affect the quality and harvest of radish.

White radish is a kind of plant food with high nutritional value and low price. Since ancient times, there has been a folk saying that "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and don't work hard for doctors to prescribe". Nowadays, some people also call Radish "native ginseng". White radish has the functions of increasing appetite, helping digestion, relieving cough and phlegm, eliminating dryness and promoting fluid production. In addition, white radish has the functions of anti-virus and anti-cancer.

Try to eat some raw radish in this period of time. White radish with white skin but not transparent tastes spicy and can only be cooked; it can be eaten raw if the skin is transparent and the meat is not spicy and sweet. Eating white radish raw is to lower Qi and relieve abdominal distention; it is also to let white radish enter the lung. The lung should be in autumn. White radish can strengthen the function of "relieving cough" and promoting the movement of large intestine. The lung and large intestine are both inside and outside.

5. Duck is delicious, frost is coming

On the day of frost, people in Southern Fujian and Taiwan need to eat supplements, which is often called "sticking autumn fat" in the north. There is a proverb in South Fujian, which is called "one year's mending is better than frost". From this little proverb, we can fully express that Fujian and Taiwan people attach great importance to frost. Therefore, in the frost season, the ducks in Fujian and Taiwan will sell very well, sometimes they will be out of stock and in short supply. The owners of Le de duck can't close their mouths. It seems that they will have a happy frost term.

Duck is not only the best food on the table, but also the best food for people. Especially when the new duck is raised in autumn, the meat is strong, tender, fat and rich in nutrition, which can timely supplement the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals for the human body. At the same time, duck meat is cold and cold, especially suitable for those who are hot in body to eat, so it is the first choice to eat duck in autumn.

Not only the duck is full of treasure, but also the whole body is delicious. In addition to the famous Beijing roast duck, Nanjing salted duck, Hangzhou old duck pot and other famous cuisines, there are also duck blood and vermicelli soup, maoxuewang, spicy duck neck and other special snacks. Even a bowl of old duck soup with clear fire can make people feel full and moist.

6. Eating beef in frost

Many places have the custom of eating beef in frost. For example, in Yulin, Guangxi, the residents are used to eating Niuhe fried noodles for breakfast, beef fried radish for lunch or dinner, or beef brisket pot for energy supplement, and praying for a warm and strong body in winter. Besides beef, mutton and rabbit are also suitable for frost.

Beef is a favorite food in the world. One of the meat foods consumed by Chinese people is only next to pork. Beef has high protein content and low fat content, so it tastes delicious and is loved by people. It enjoys the reputation of "pride in meat".

Beef is the best choice for those who are weak and have mental decline. The amino acid composition of beef protein is closer to human needs than pork, and can improve the body's resistance to disease. It is especially suitable for growth, development, post operation, and post conditioning patients who supplement blood loss and repair tissue. But beef muscle fiber is rough and hard to digest, with high cholesterol and fat, so the elderly, children and people with weak digestion should not eat more.