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Is it true that Zhang Yunlei's performance was stopped? All of Zhang Yunlei's special performances w

As an artist, as a public figure with a large number of fans, the influence is very big, so whether it's daily life or public performance, their words and deeds should be valued, just like Zhang Yunlei, who was named by CCTV, immoral artists can't be accepted in how talented they are. And Zhang Yunlei also paid the price, it is said that Zhang Yunlei's performance has been stopped. Let's have a look.

Is it true that Zhang Yunlei's performance was stopped

Today's hot search topic has been wrapped up by Zhang Yunlei, a crosstalk actor of Deyun society. When he talked about crosstalk last year, he took the national disaster Wenchuan earthquake as a burden and put it into crosstalk. Although it's a thing of the past, I quickly apologized, but it involves the art and morality of crosstalk actors. It is said that Zhang Yunlei's performance has been stopped. Let's see what's going on?

On December 31, 2018, the video of Zhang Yunlei's new year's performance "longevity" in Qingdao was turned over, which caused a lot of controversy by making fun of the national disaster caused by the Wenchuan earthquake. That night, Zhang Yunlei made an urgent apology on his microblog, which will strengthen the construction of artistic ethics. "As a public figure, I should be cautious in my words and deeds, and set an example in everything, instead of mentioning the sad things of all my compatriots in the performance. This is disrespect for all my compatriots who died. Afterwards, I deeply regret and deeply condemned by my conscience!"

All of Zhang Yunlei's special performances were taken off the shelves

Some netizens pointed out that barley net has taken all Zhang Yunlei's performances off the shelves. According to the netizen, Zhang Yunlei's performance can't be found on at present, while the tickets for Zhang Yunlei's performance in Beijing station can be found on before it was sold.

Then, Sohu Entertainment consulted barley customer service about why Zhang Yunlei's performance information was taken off the shelves. The other side responded: "the tickets for the performance have been sold out, so the activity information is not displayed. '

Later, some media asked Beizhan theater for confirmation, and the answer was' no notice of cancellation has been received '.