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Can mutual treasure quit at any time? What are the effects of quitting Hubao

After joining Alipay mutual treasure, you may be influenced by some factors to quit. What will happen if Alipay is paid out? What will the effect be to Alipay users? Let's introduce the Xiaobian to you.

Can Alipay's mutual treasure exit at any time?

You can exit at any time, which means the plan is terminated. If there is a public copy at the time of exit, the corresponding current apportionment amount shall be paid. After exiting, you need to recalculate the waiting time to join again.

If all the minor children under Alipay's username are successfully withdrawn, or if they have no minor children, then they can withdraw from each other's treasure at any time. They can enter the mutual treasure interface through the ant insurance, and then click the guarantee money to enter the protection details in the mutual treasure page, then click on the abandonment guarantee. Quit the password and successfully withdraw from Alipay. Treasure.

Apart from the fact that Alipay users voluntarily withdraw from mutual guarantees, they will automatically withdraw their mutual insurance when they reach the age of 60, and have successfully applied for payment of the guarantee money. They are found to be inconsistent with the terms of mutual guarantee and the insurance premium and management fee that have not been agreed on in the four conditions.

Exit from Alipay mutual treasure

Taking the initiative to withdraw from each other will not affect Alipay Alipay users, and meet the requirements of mutual treasure. They can apply for rejoining. However, when they withdraw, they need to recalculate the waiting period. However, if it fails to withdraw the mutual treasure automatically due to the absence of the agreed premium, it may have a certain impact on Alipay sesame credit score.

Alipay mutual treasure how to quit

1. Let's enter Alipay's homepage and enter 'mutual treasure' in the top search bar.

2. We can see only one search result and we click search results.

3. After entering the mutual treasure interface, we can see our mutual treasure information. We click the insured amount.

4. After clicking, it will jump to the insured amount detail interface. We click "exit plan" in gray font on the right side of the page.

5. After clicking, the system will pop up a prompt box, we click 'exit'.

6, at this time, the system needs to be authenticated, that is, Alipay's payment password needs to be verified.

7. After successful verification, we withdrew from the mutual treasure project.

The above is the use of Alipay mutual treasure introduced by 9 Xiaobian, hoping to help you.