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What's the situation of a family of three resigning to make counterfeit money? Instead of making mon

In recent years, counterfeit money has caused great harm in the market. Because it is profitable, many criminals have secretly made counterfeit money. Recently, a family of three resigned to make counterfeit money to compensate. They have not only lost all their money, but also been jailed for breaking the law. It has to be said that stealing chicken is not a waste of rice!

Making counterfeit money is a serious offence

I believe most people know that manufacturing counterfeit money is a serious illegal act. However, some lawbreakers still know the law and violate the law, which is contempt for the dignity of the law and will eventually be punished by the law. So what are the consequences of making counterfeit money?

The crime of counterfeiting currency refers to the act of illegally manufacturing fake currency with false appearance by using various methods in imitation of the shape, color, pattern and other characteristics of currency, damaging the public credit of currency and the order of financial management in violation of the national monetary management regulations.

The family quit their jobs to learn how to fake online

A family of three who had a proper job wanted to earn some "smart money.". So a family of three learned how to make counterfeit money, bought tools to make counterfeit money with a face value of 20 yuan, and "painstakingly printed" counterfeit money at home for half a year, and produced and sold it by themselves. It sounds hard and sad.

Last summer, 50 year old Zhang was still a cook. His son, Xiao Zhang, worked in other places. Although he said that his income was not high, he lived a comfortable life. But at that time, he found a way to get rich quickly: making counterfeit money. With a dream of getting rich quickly, Zhang took his family on the road of crime.

On May 8, Liu Zhiheng, a policeman from the Economic Investigation Brigade of Rencheng Public Security Bureau, introduced the farce of a family of three who produced and sold counterfeit money by themselves. 'before making counterfeit money, they had bought counterfeit money online and & lsquo; consumed & quot; it. 'the family saw that it was not difficult to 'consume' small denomination counterfeit money, but the cost was high.

In order to save costs, the family quit their jobs and studied technology online. They bought six color printers, securities paper, seals and other tools. They "painstakingly" made counterfeit money at home and used the counterfeit money to buy daily necessities.

Instead of making money, the family lost more than 30000 yuan in half a year

'They seem to live at & lsquo; low cost & quot; but the cost is really not low. "The police also gave a specific example, which is very impressive: assuming that they continue to work, with an average of 3000 yuan per month, they will earn more than 50000 yuan in half a year, but they have made less than 20000 yuan of counterfeit money. After all, they have lost more than 30000 yuan in half a year.

On the morning of the 8th, in the Economic Investigation Brigade of Rencheng Public Security Bureau, Liu Zhiheng held counterfeit money in one hand and securities paper in the other, and said: 'these are the counterfeit money found in the suspect's home. All the numbers are the same. '

This family of three is through the printer printing, and then repeated processing, so as to deceive. 'in order to increase the authenticity of counterfeit money, the three members of the family also bought lotus pattern seals and used water. '

According to Liu Zhiheng, the lotus pattern seal is divided into official seal and mother seal according to the front and back. After applying special pigments, the lotus pattern seal is stuck on the newly printed counterfeit currency. When you look through the sun, you will see the suspected anti-counterfeiting watermark.

In order to make the counterfeit money more time-honored, they will soak the counterfeit money in recycled water.

The fake money, the silent manufacturing, and the "consumption" that is only used to buy small value living goods seem to be perfect, but they are keenly detected by the police. On January 13, according to the clues provided by the masses, the police arrested the suspect while taking advantage of the express delivery. At present, Zhang and his son Zhang have been arrested by the procuratorate for making counterfeit money, and his wife has been detained for using counterfeit money.