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What are the common mistakes in face washing? What is the right way to wash your face

We wash our face every day. Washing and skin care are equally important for our skin. The sweat, oil and dust secreted by our face every day will affect our skin health. The correct way to wash your face can clean up these residues. The misunderstanding of washing your face is often ignored by us. What are the misunderstandings of washing your face?

What are the misunderstandings of face washing

(1) Tightness after washing can lead to nutrition loss: many people mistakenly think that the tightness after washing is caused by the fact that the facial cleanser removes sebum and the natural moisturizer contained in the cutin to keep moisture. In fact, every time you wash your face, it is an important moisturizing link. Fine bubbles can penetrate the pores and wash the stains. If it is a foaming cleansing cream containing rich nourishing ingredients, it can also make the nourishing ingredients smoothly enter the pores.

(2) The more functions of facial cleanser, the more expensive the beauty effect is: facial cleanser is for cleaning. If it contains too many functional ingredients, it will cause incomplete cleaning. At the same time, if too many functional ingredients enter into the pores without any protection, it will cause burden to the skin. Therefore, facial cleanser needs to meet two basic conditions, that is, clean thoroughly and moisten.

(3) Washing your face with a towel will be cleaner: the towel down is tens of times larger than the pores, so it is difficult to thoroughly remove the dirt and oil in the deep. The towel that has been wet for a long time will breed various bacteria, and the friction will make you allergic. So wash your face with a soft sponge, and often dry disinfection.

(4) Wash your face with hot water to clean your skin more thoroughly: when washing your face, the choice of water temperature is very important. Overheated water can completely remove the protective film, which is easy to relax, increase pores, cause coarseness and wrinkles. In addition, if too much oil is washed off, it will also accelerate aging. And often use lower temperature water to wash the face, will make the pores closed, can't wash the accumulation in the face of sebum, dust and residue dirt, not only can't achieve the effect of capacity, but easy to cause acne and other diseases.

Misunderstanding of face washing

(5) The face with makeup can be washed very clean only with cleanser: for women who often make up, face washing must be divided into two steps: first use makeup remover, and then use cleanser. Cleanser can only wash away sweat, sebum, aged cuticle cells and hydrophilic moisturizer. The makeup remover contains vegetable oil, oil-water emulsifier and surfactant, which can thoroughly clean the makeup and remove the residual dirt in the deep.

(6) After washing the face, natural air drying plays a role in replenishing water: natural evaporation will make hair cool, vasoconstriction will cause dryness and peeling, and wrinkles are easy to appear. So after you wash your face, you should use toner immediately and use moisturizing cream.

(7) After heavy make-up, it is easier to clean the make-up by wiping it with paper towel first: it is harmful to wipe off the make-up with paper towel first, because the paper towel is rough, there is no oil and moisture, and the particles of cosmetics will be crumpled into the pores. On the one hand, it will increase the difficulty of the cleaning work behind, on the other hand, it will make it rough. Should use good makeup remover, makeup remover technique must be light.