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How does sunscreen besmear sunscreen effect best? Are you really using sunscreen right

How to use sunscreen? We all use sunscreen in summer, which is the most basic way to do well in sunscreen. But many girls don't use sunscreen, so it can't get a good sunscreen effect. So how can sunscreen work best?

How to apply sunscreen

Pay attention to apply enough! Apply sunscreen properly and evenly

Many people think it's wasteful to apply too much sunscreen, so they only apply a thin layer of sunscreen. In fact, it doesn't meet the standard, and the anti ultraviolet effect will be reduced accordingly. 'moderate 'is about one square centimeter of skin covered with 0.2 mg sunscreen, feel a little bit more words actually just right. However, if you apply a lot at a time, it may be uneven. The correct way is to apply a small amount of it many times and layer by layer.

Apply the isolation cream on the sunburn

People's face, especially the prominent places such as cheeks and nose, is the most vulnerable to sunburn. These parts should be applied with sunscreen for many times. If you want to improve the sun protection effect, you can apply sunscreen cream or liquid foundation after sunscreen. If you find it troublesome, you can only use the foundation cream to smear it repeatedly to maintain the UV protection effect.

Application sequence of face

Before going out in the morning, in the process of skin care, you should apply sunscreen on your face before making up. After applying water, milk and other basic skin care products, you can start to apply sunscreen on your face, apply it on your face in the form of dot makeup, and apply it on the whole face in circles. After that, you can make up. Remember that before isolation, it will work better and last longer.

Apply sunscreen regularly

The sunscreen effect of sunscreen is not that you can keep it for a day by applying it once. Sunscreen needs to be replenished every two hours, because we are outdoors for a long time, and ultraviolet radiation will make sunscreen oxidize with the air. Once the sunscreen is completely oxidized, the skin will not be protected, and it will be naturally tanned or sunburned.

Wrong use of sunscreen

Do not massage in circles when applying

I am sure that 90% of the eyebrows love to use the cream when they apply the sunscreen. They use the way of circle massage to feel that this is more conducive to the absorption of skin. In fact, sunscreen does not need to be completely absorbed by the skin care products, just evenly spread on the skin can, not so troublesome.

Too much or too little

Afraid to apply too much sunscreen, waste, too little, the skin is not completely covered by sunscreen, sunscreen effect will not be ideal. The recommended amount of sunscreen on the face is about 1.5ml (one yuan coin size), which can ensure 0.03ml effective product coverage per square centimeter of skin, so as to better play the best effect of sunscreen.

Put on sunscreen and go out immediately

A lot of MM painted sunscreen to go out, tanning also blame sunscreen no effect. This is due to the effective ingredients in sunscreen must penetrate into the cuticle surface, in order to play a long-term protective effect. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe it 30 minutes before going out and replenish it before going out. In terms of dosage, at least 1 ~ 2 ml should be used each time to achieve the best sunscreen effect.

Sunscreen application steps

Step 1: cleaning 1 before applying sunscreen, make sure the skin is clean. If there are oil and bacteria on the skin, applying sunscreen will make the face feel very greasy, and it is not conducive to the breathing of the skin. Therefore, it is best to wash the face with facial cleanser before applying sunscreen.

Step 2: skin care 2 After cleansing the face, apply the skin care products such as toner, lotion and cream in order to replenish the skin. You should know that the water cream is painted two times a day. Once a day, it can ensure the skin's moisture for a whole day. Although sunscreen contains moisturizing and moisturizing effects, it is far from the skin care effect of water cream. It's getting drier and rougher.

Step 3: apply sunscreen 3 Squeeze an appropriate amount of sunscreen on the back of your hand, apply it evenly to all parts of your face with your finger pulp, and then push it away evenly. For large areas such as forehead and cheek, you can directly apply it with your finger in circles. For small parts such as nose tip, chin and hairline, you need to apply it separately. In addition, ear, neck, arm and other parts exposed to the sun also need to be applied separately Apply sunscreen to prevent uneven skin tone.