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How to identify true and false marble? What do you know about the five ways to identify marble

Nowadays, marble is often used as limestone for building decoration materials. The section of marble can form a natural ink landscape painting. In ancient times, the marble with shaped pattern was often selected to make screen or mosaic painting. So how to identify the true and false marble? How much do you know about the five ways to identify marble? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

the method of distinguishing marble is as follows

1. Observe the surface structure of stone

Use a magnifying glass to observe whether the patterns and particles on the surface of the stone are evenly distributed. If the patterns are messy or the particle sizes are different, and it feels rough, then it will not be of excellent quality.

Generally speaking, the marble plate patterns of high-quality products and first-class products are natural, the particles are uniform, the touch is delicate and comfortable, the luster is bright, and the quality can be identified at a glance.

2. Drop reagent

Drop a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid, natural marble will be strong bubble, artificial marble bubble weak or will not bubble.

3. Tap the stone to test the sound and color

If the sound of knocking on marble is clear and loud, it means that the stone is transparent and good. If the sound is dull and coarse, it means that there are loose particles or cracks in the stone.

4. Testing the quality of stone by splashing ink

Use a brush to dip a small drop of ink on the surface of the marble table. If the water drops remain in place, it means that the stone is stable and of good quality. If the water drops disperse and flow quickly, there may be instability factors in the stone.

5. See if the manufacturer is reliable

When purchasing, we should observe whether the manufacturer is formal. We can ask the other party to show the qualification certificate and the relevant product inspection mark. If the other party hesitates, then the manufacturer may have some 'problems'.