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How does nitroglycerin go up 10 times? Why does nitroglycerin raise its price

Nitroglycerin is the most commonly used specific drug in the treatment of angina pectoris, which has been used in clinic for more than 100 years. But recently, consumers in many parts of the country have reported that the price of nitroglycerin in a bottle of several yuan has risen to more than 50 yuan in the past. What's the matter with such a big rise?

After visiting a number of pharmacies in Beijing, the reporter found that after several months of shortage, nitroglycerin can be purchased from offline physical pharmacies, but the price has increased significantly.

Some people in the pharmaceutical industry told reporters that the main reason for the price rise of nitroglycerin is the serious shortage of raw material nitric acid.

Staff member of a pharmaceutical enterprise in Shandong: raw materials have been unavailable. The original suppliers have stopped because of environmental protection problems. After stopping, they will find new manufacturers, but there are no places.

Experts said that the price of cheap drugs, including nitroglycerin, has been maintained at a low level because of the previous ceiling price, which makes it difficult for pharmaceutical enterprises to make profits, and some finished drug enterprises have gradually withdrawn from the market. Since June 2015, drug prices have been liberalized, so nitroglycerin is now subject to market regulation.

Hu Yinglian, Professor of the teaching and Research Department of social and ecological civilization, National Academy of administration: it may not be realistic to solve this problem in the short term, but in fact, our country's policy level, including the legal level, is already doing something. We hope to solve this problem as soon as possible and more smoothly, which requires efforts from both market and policy.

Drugs are special commodities, which are just needed by patients. Whether they can be found or can't afford to buy drugs when they are ill almost determines the safety of patients.

For this special commodity, we can't just rely on the market to decide the supply and demand and price. The government also needs to play a better role. When necessary, it needs to come up with more practical measures to keep the cheap drugs from leaving the people.