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Wechat update ushers in new functions: circle of friends is only visible for one month

How long ago can your wechat circle of friends watch the news? Is it true that many people set it to be visible for only three days? On May 5, wechat released the latest version 7.0.4. After this update, allow friends to view the range of friends, add the 'last month' option.

in version 7.0.4, new features include: when sending 'video news', you can search a song and set it as background music; you can post private messages in' video news' of friends. In addition, wechat will also allow friends to view the scope of their friends, adding the option of 'recent month'. At present, users can set up friends to see their 'recent three days',' recent month ',' recent half a year 'or' all 'circle of friends.