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How to treat eczema

Eczema is a very common skin disease, which is related to weather changes, allergies and other factors. Eczema will not only affect the beauty of our skin, but also cause unbearable itching and torture. Many people suffering from eczema have been struggling to find a way to treat it. In fact, the cure is the key. Next, Xiaobian brings about different experiences and methods of treating eczema, so that patients can say goodbye to the pain of eczema.

First, traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment of eczema in traditional Chinese medicine is based on the performance of different periods with different methods of internal administration. If it is acute eczema, you should take gentian Xiegan Decoction to help the body clear heat and cool blood. If it is subacute eczema, you can take dehumidification Weiling decoction, which can help to invigorate the spleen and promote dampness. For chronic eczema, we need to nourish blood and dispel wind. We can take Siwu Xiaofeng decoction. In addition, acupuncture is also an effective method of traditional Chinese medicine. The common acupoints are Quchi, Zusanli, Weizhong, and Xuehai. Stimulating these acupoints has a very good effect on the treatment of eczema.

The second is internal treatment. The key to eczema is to treat the root cause. Therefore, in addition to external application, we also need to manage from the inside. The main treatment for eczema is anti-inflammatory and antipruritic. The commonly used drugs are antihistamines and tranquilizers. For acute eczema, we can use calcium, vitamin C and sodium thiocarbonate for intravenous injection, or use procaine for intravenous sealing. In case of acute generalized eczema, which has not improved significantly after multiple treatments, corticosteroids can be used in a short period of time. In case of infection, antibiotics should be used as appropriate.

The third is local therapy. We should use it according to the characteristics of the rash. In general, we need to choose cleaning, antibacterial, antipruritic convergence and cutin promoter For acute eczema, if there is no exudation from the skin, we can use calamine lotion. If there is too much exudation, we can use 3% boric acid solution as cold wet compress. When the exudation is reduced, we can use cream containing corticosteroids and wet compress alternately. For subacute eczema, we usually choose furfuran distillate, black bean distillate and emulsions and pastes containing corticosteroids.