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Do you have to pay the renewal agency fee? What are the main ways of intermediary fee

Do you have to pay the renewal agency fee? What are the main ways of intermediary fee? All along, it's natural to find an intermediary to rent a house, and then pay the intermediary fee. But if it's the case of renewal, do you still need to pay the intermediary fee? Many intermediary agencies have asked to pay the intermediary fee again, which is a headache for the tenants. Today, I'd like to take you to know.

The topic of "whether the renewal agency fee should be paid" has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Xiaobian specially collates and summarizes the opinions of netizens as follows:

'it depends on whether you can contact the landlord directly. If you have been there, you don't know the name of the landlord. Of course, you can only pay an intermediary fee.'

'There are so many people who don't have the spirit of a contract. Whether they can hand in or not depends on how the contract is signed. If it's not suitable, you can move or talk about it before. I recognized it before, but I can't do it now. On the contrary, we can't add what we didn't have before. 'said passerby a.

'it's all rent increases in disguise. Because the state regulation does not allow the rent to rise, but it is not decided by the state, but by the market. If you don't want to, you can. A lot of people want to. 'said the comrades.

Some netizens said: 'the agency will always charge the landlord an agency fee, which is about 3% - 7% of the rent. Of course, China can do the same, but the rent will rise because there are some people coming to the North if you don't come. '。

As for the service charge of long-term rental apartments, Zhang Dawei said that their charging standard is not equal to the service quality, and the service charge is more like a disguised intermediary fee, which is suspected of being a sidekick. At the same time, these services can not be chosen or rejected by tenants, which belong to additional compulsory consumption.

Information on renewal agency fee:

Rental agency fee refers to the commission paid to the agency by one or both parties of the tenant and the landlord according to a certain proportion after the housing agency introduces the tenant and the landlord to get in touch. Experts pointed out: in the absence of new services, the intermediary should no longer charge.

There are three ways of intermediary fee

1. Find the landlord directly, discuss and sign a contract without objection to complete the transaction. This form is common in urban villages. Tenants find the landlord through the rental information pasted on the wall to negotiate and conclude a deal; With the development of the Internet in, rental information also flourished on the Internet. Netizens can directly find the information released by the landlord on the Internet, such as professional portal websites, and other mainstream classified information platforms. These two ways do not need to pay rental agency fees.

2. Tenants find the real estate intermediary, find the landlord through the intermediary, and then the three parties negotiate to complete the transaction. The agency fee will be paid as a percentage of the tenant's first month rent.

3. Go to the security guard or doorman of the community and ask them to help complete the transaction as a third party. In this case, the rental agency fee charged is cheaper than that charged by the agency. The agency fee can be negotiated, usually ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.