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How to delete the time video of wechat circle of friends? How to delete videos sent by others

With the wechat update, the new version of wechat has launched a lot of new functions, among which instant video is one of them. How to delete the instant video of wechat circle of friends? How to delete videos sent by others? Let's have a look.

First, of course, download and install a wechat in the app market.

2. Log in to wechat, just like we usually brush the circle of friends, and click 'discover'.

3. Go to the bottom of the 'discovery' interface and click 'circle of friends'.

4. Go into the circle of friends and click the small camera in the upper right corner.

5. The following drop-down list will appear. Click small screen. After entering, we can see the small video storage we sent before.

6. Click Edit in the upper right corner to see a small fork on the video. Click on the little fork and it will be deleted.

7. If you delete it directly, you can also cancel it if you regret it. If you are sure to delete it, click finish directly. It's over.

Wechat video can't be sent out:

It is suggested that you try the following methods:

It is recommended to enter settings - Application Manager - all - wechat - try to clear data.

It is recommended that you uninstall this software and try to install it again or replace it with another version.

Check whether the mobile phone security guard and other software programs are installed in the mobile phone. If so, please try to uninstall to check whether the installation of third-party software is incompatible or caused by software restrictions.

Remove the external SD card for testing.

Backup the data on the mobile phone, restore the factory settings of the mobile phone, and then try to install it.

Test after updating the firmware version of mobile phone.