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How to restore chat record after wechat re installation? Apple phone recovery steps

Now everyone can't do without wechat. Wechat belongs to a social app. It's very convenient for chatting and video. How can we restore the chat record when wechat is re installed? Here are the Apple phone recovery steps.

how to restore the chat record after installing wechat on Apple mobile phone:

Method 1

Connect the mobile phone to the computer and run the iTunes software at the same time. First, click the mobile phone icon in the top left corner of the iTunes window, then select 'my computer', and then click the 'backup now' button. The specific operation process is shown in the figure below:

When the mobile phone data is backed up by iTunes, a progress bar will appear at the top of the window to show whether the backup has been completed. Backup may be time consuming, please be patient. When the progress bar disappears, the backup is complete. The backup interface is shown in the following figure:

Method 2

Open the recovered software. In the previous step, the data of the mobile phone was backed up with the help of the iTunes software, so at this time, the software will automatically detect the iTunes backup file. (if wechat data is backed up in other ways, you can also click 'select' or 'Customize add database' to manually import the data.)

After adding the required backup, click 'start scanning'. The software will automatically scan and analyze the files just backed up.

Wait for the scan to complete, and you will see that all chat records (including deleted ones) have been displayed. Click 'export all chat records' to restore all the records.

How to back up Apple's wechat chat records to the computer:

Use [move out to nearby mobile phone] for backup

Go to wechat - I - Settings - General - chat record migration - select chat record, check the chat record to be migrated according to the interface, click finish, log in your wechat account on another mobile phone, and scan the QR code to realize the transfer.

Cloud backup using icloud

Click Settings - icloud - storage space - manage storage space - this iPhone, open the Backup button, return to icloud interface at the same time, and click backup - icloud cloud backup, then the system will automatically back up under certain conditions.

Back up by using [iTunes]

Download iTunes according to the computer system model and click the phone icon. Select this computer - backup now to back up the wechat chat records to the computer.

Backup with Kaixin mobile phone Recovery Master

Download the Kaixin mobile phone recovery master software, connect the mobile phone to the computer, and click [wechat chat record]. After entering the interface, when all are selected by default, directly click [restore to computer] to backup all wechat chat records to the local computer.

Backup with wechat

Download and install wechat on the computer, log in to wechat, click Settings - General Settings - keep chat record, and keep chat record according to the prompt information.