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What are pitaya Xiangke foods? Do you understand the edible efficacy and function of Pitaya

We often eat pitaya, which contains dietary fiber. Eating some pitaya properly can achieve a good weight loss effect. However, we should pay attention to the diet collocation of any food. What are pitaya's complementary foods? Do you understand the edible efficacy and function of Pitaya? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

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Function of Pitaya:

Pitaya has the effect of detoxification and stomach protection. It belongs to tropical and subtropical fruits. Pitaya, also known as xianmiguo and yulongguo, is a plant belonging to the genus Tianchi and Ophiopogonis of cactus family. It is native to Brazil, Mexico and other tropical Central America. In Asia, it is mainly distributed in Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. According to different colors, it can be divided into three varieties: red skin and white meat, red skin and red meat, yellow skin and white meat.

Vitamin: B1, B2, B3, C

Rich minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, etc

Other nutrients: carotene, carbohydrate, crude fat, fructose, glucose, water-soluble dietary fiber, plant albumin, anthocyanin (the most abundant variety of red meat), etc.

intended for:

Diabetics eat in small amount.

Usage and dosage:

Pitaya is a tropical fruit. It's best to buy and eat it now. In the low temperature of 5 ℃ ~ 9 ℃, the freshly picked pitaya can be preserved for more than one month without extrusion and collision. The shelf life can be more than 2 weeks at 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.

Edible effect:

Pitaya has a unique curative effect on cough and asthma, as well as the prevention of constipation, senile lesions, tumor inhibition and other effects.


Pitaya has few diseases and insect pests, almost can not use any pesticides and hormones, can also meet its normal vegetative growth and reproductive growth. Therefore, pitaya is a kind of green, environmental protection fruit in consumption concept and a kind of health nutrition food with certain curative effect.