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What can't durian be eaten with? What food does durian have to do with

Do you like to eat the stinky Durian? Many people talk about the color change of durian, but some people like to eat durian very much. So what can't durian be eaten with? What are the foods that can't be eaten with Durian?

Durian can't eat eggplant with anything

Durian cannot be eaten with eggplant. Because eggplant and durian eat together will be very angry, bad for the body.


Durian can't be eaten with coke. You can't drink coke after eating durian, because Coke is a carbonated beverage with caffeine. Eating it with durian can easily lead to sudden cardiac death.


Durian cannot be eaten with milk. After eating durian, drink milk and poison Cobra. It sounds scary, but eating the same thing can cause discomfort, because it can lead to excessive caffeine poisoning, which can lead to high blood pressure and sudden heart death.

Some friends like to drink milk, if not careful and durian eat together, if there is discomfort, must immediately go to the hospital to gastric lavage.


Durian and Mangosteen eat at the same time, although can avoid fire, but it may cause constipation. Because these two kinds of fruits are rich in cellulose, they will absorb water and swell in the intestines and stomach. Eating too much will block the intestines and cause constipation.


Durian can't eat with crab. If you eat both, it can easily lead to serious stomach discomfort.

Warm food

Durian can not be eaten with warm food, such as beef, mutton, dog meat and seafood. Because these foods are all hot and dry. Eating them together will lead to inflammation, other diseases or previous diseases.


Durian can not be eaten with Baijiu, and wine and durian are all hot substances. If they are diabetic, they will eat together, which will lead to blockage of blood vessels, severe blood vessels and stroke. Normal healthy people should also avoid eating both at the same time. There are even many cases of durian and Baijiu eating to death. Therefore, this must be careful.

Eat durian precautions, eat durian to pay attention to what?

1. Durian can not eat too much at a time, otherwise it will lead to body heat, its rich nutrients can not be fully absorbed by the stomach and cause fire.

2. Durian has high sugar content, which can easily lead to increased blood sugar and aggravate the disease in diabetic patients.

3. Durian is hot and stagnant, so people with hot constitution or suffering from sore throat, cough, cold, tracheal sensitivity and diabetes are not suitable to eat more durian, otherwise it will definitely worsen the disease.

4. Durian is also not suitable to eat with wine, the nature of the two kinds of food, eating will cause damage to the body.

5. The elderly should pay special attention to the thick durian juice, which is easy to block the throat and trachea and cause suffocation. Therefore, the elderly should eat less and slowly.