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What is the duplex egg in Siri? How to play Fulian egg

Do you know how to play the eggs in Siri? April 27 is the fourth day of the release of "Avengers 4: the final battle" in the mainland. It took three days, 20 hours and 52 minutes to break the box office barrier of 2 billion, becoming the fastest film in Chinese film history to break the record previously held by "wandering earth". In addition, the box office record of Fulian 4 reached 54686 million, surpassing that of "catch the demon 2".

Friends who have seen "Avengers 4" should know that this time is really over, there is no egg. However, Yi Nanping's netizens found the Fulian egg hidden in Siri!

When you talk to Siri, just say 'hello Jarvis', it may answer you' iron man? Is that you? Salute! I'm afraid I can't help you make iron man's armor. Please wait a moment. Let me tell pepper that you can't come back for dinner on time again. '