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What plants are suitable for the bedroom? Which plants are the best in the bedroom

Everyone should like flowers and plants. Planting more flowers and plants at home can cultivate self-cultivation and cultivate sentiment. And ornamental plants can bring life and vitality to your home. So which ornamental vegetable oils are suitable for bedroom? Let's have a look!

What plants are suitable for the bedroom


Cactus should also be a familiar plant. When we maintain cactus at home, we basically don't need to worry about it. If we put a cactus in the bedroom, we don't have to worry that it will compete with us for oxygen. On the contrary, cactus will make its own oxygen at night to help us sleep.

Longevity flower

The leaves of Changshou flower are relatively thick, with more beautiful flowers, very beautiful. Longevity flower not only has a long flowering period, but also has a long life. It basically blooms all year round. There are flowers at home every day. Longevity flower can absorb harmful gases in the air at night, release oxygen, and make the air in the bedroom more fresh and natural.

Which plants are the best in the bedroom


Aloe has a relaxing and pleasant effect. Put a basin in the bedroom, you can sleep all night. Aloe can absorb indoor carbon dioxide at night and purify formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Put basin aloe in the bedroom is equivalent to the installation of a mini 'biological air freshener', always help your bedroom convert fresh air.


Mint has a faint fragrance, and this fragrance can also secrete a volatile bactericidal substance in the process of growth, so you can keep Mint in the bedroom, so mint can also eliminate bacteria and mites in the air, and also can well evolve the bedroom air, the effect is very good!