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Are oranges divided into male and female? How to choose fresh oranges

Sweet and sour oranges are a favorite fruit for many people. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can supplement all kinds of nutrients needed by human body. Are oranges divided into male and female? How can we choose delicious oranges?

Is there a male or female saying about oranges

There has always been a saying that citrus fruits are divided into male and female, and that female oranges are sweeter than male oranges. Although some experts have refuted the rumor about the difference between male and female fruits, they say that there is no scientific basis. However, such a way of differentiation is a folk experience, which means that the selected fruit is more sweet and juicy, and the flesh is delicate. Many people have this experience, that is, the male and female distinction of oranges, navel orange navel is very big, but also to the inside depression, this is generally a female orange. Navel is very small or only a little bit, then it is generally a male orange. In fact, this is not true. On the contrary, the bigger the navel of an orange, the worse it tastes.

How to choose oranges:

1. There is no scientific basis for the saying that oranges are divided into male and female. Some experts have specially explained this matter. In fact, the navel of an orange is just a compound fruit. If it is too big, there will be white meridians in it. On the contrary, this kind of orange has less water. When shopping, you should choose the orange with a smaller navel, so that the orange has more water. It's not right to tell a male from a female by looking at the navel size of an orange.

2. There is a folk saying: "high body orange, flat body orange, bare body orange". It means that the longer the body, the better the taste. There is a gap with other fruits. The rounder the fruit, the better the taste.

3. When choosing oranges, you should pay attention to observe the peel of oranges, and choose the one with fine texture and elasticity. This kind of orange peel is thin and has enough water. On the contrary, hard skinned oranges usually have poor water content and a coarse and light taste.

4. The bigger the oranges, the better. It's better to choose the same size. In particular, the bigger the orange, the more likely it is to lose water near the stem, and the worse it tastes.

5. For oranges of the same size, the heavier ones are delicious. This method is suitable for the selection of many kinds of fruits, because the heavier two fruits of the same size are, the more water they have. When you buy high-quality fruits, you need to take them in your hands and pad them with weight