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Why do you rub mud after using sunscreen? How to prevent sunscreen from rubbing mud

Although sunscreen is so important, many people still find it difficult to form the habit of using sunscreen every morning. In addition to being greasy and easy to whiten, another reason is that sunscreen will rub mud after it is used. So why does sunscreen rub mud after it is used? Let's get to know.

Why rub mud after using sunscreen?

Some sunscreens, especially sunscreen products containing both physical and chemical sunscreen ingredients, are very easy to rub mud. The reason is that this kind of sunscreen has film-forming property. When the moisture, alcohol and silicone oil in the product evaporate, the sunscreen will form a layer of physical protective film on the face. Once it is gently rubbed, it will rub mud and chip. In addition, if the skin care process is too cumbersome before applying sunscreen, or if too many products containing colloidal ingredients are used, it will also cause mud rubbing and scurf, which is like 'snowball'. When physical sunscreen ingredients encounter colloidal molecules with different electrolytic properties, they will quickly form a group and affect the film-forming property of sunscreen.

How to prevent sunscreen from rubbing mud?

In fact, it's normal for some sunscreen products to rub mud after use. If you want to avoid this problem, the most effective way is to avoid applying it in circles. Instead, tap and press the product to make it adhere to the skin evenly. After applying it, try not to touch the face with your hands. If you are not used to this type of sunscreen, you may as well try to change the bottle sunscreen. The texture of this kind of product is more refreshing, and it will not feel stuffy after application. The most important thing is that it is almost impossible to cause mud rubbing.

How to apply sunscreen after rubbing mud?

After sunscreen lotion, you can use paper towels or cosmetic cotton to gently remove the debris left on the skin, then press the skin with paper towels, and absorb excess sebum. After that, it is recommended that Sunscreen Spray be applied to make up the coating, which is more convenient and not easy to cause larger area of rubbing and scraping.

Can rubbing mud affect the protective effect of sunscreen?

Sunscreen needs to cover the skin enough to have a good sunscreen effect. Rubbing mud will affect the thickness of sunscreen on the skin, thus affecting the sunscreen effect. Therefore, you must remember to re apply it after rubbing mud to remove dandruff. In addition, after using sunscreen, try to avoid using oil absorption paper to absorb the oily light on the skin, which will absorb some chemical sunscreen ingredients at the same time, affecting the sunscreen effect. If you worry about the influence of gloss on the skin texture, you can use some powder or powder to gently pat on the skin, which can not only improve the gloss, but also will not affect the sun protection effect.