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What's the matter with millions of property for nanny? Children of empty nesters pay more attention

What's the matter with millions of property for nanny? Is this a realistic version of Su Daqiang? It is also very important for children to accompany their parents when they go home after work. Recently, in the form of notarized bequest, Suzhou's nearly 80 year old uncle Jia presented a set of real estate to his nanny who had taken care of him for many years. Uncle Jia has a son and a daughter. He seldom has time to accompany the old man. The nanny takes good care of him all the time. According to reports, the market price of the real estate involved exceeds one million yuan. At present, the children of the elderly do not know.

Jia Laobo said that now he is old, that is to say, he has a house of more than 60 square meters with a market value of about 1.2 million yuan. Because this house is jointly owned by husband and wife before his wife's death, half of the property rights can be controlled by himself, and he has no other better way to repay it, so he decided to present this half of the property to the nanny by making a bequest!

'because nannies are from other places, now they are alone in Suzhou, so they can have a guarantee in the future. '

According to the lawyer, as long as the property owner agrees, that is, as long as Mr. Jia himself agrees, then even if the children do not agree, they have no right to intervene! What the law supports the property owner is up to them!

Many netizens have expressed their views!

Some netizens think that art comes from life, it is a realistic version of Su Daqiang!

Some netizens think that the elderly lack attention, children should accompany the elderly more!

Although "empty nesters" are only a small part of them, the social problems behind them can not be ignored.

Parents give us life and are ready to give their lives for us at any time. But what have we done for our parents besides saying that our father is very upset and our mother is very nagging

It is understood that there are 6 million "empty nesters" in Anhui, of which about 500000 have lost the ability to take care of themselves. It is estimated that there are about 100000 elderly people who have completely lost their self-sufficiency and self-care. These empty nesters have children. Some of them spend a lot of money, but they seldom ask the old people in their hometown. This group of empty nesters does not belong to the "Five Guarantees" or "low guarantees". Their children work hard outside and leave them at home. Grassroots cadres do not pay attention to their children when they see that they are "enjoying the beautiful scenery" outside. As a result, there is a "vacuum" in the government's management of this small group of empty nesters. Some of the empty nesters who are trapped between the government's "management of empty white belts" and "no one cares about their children" suffer from hunger and cold occasionally, and even die at home without anyone knowing. I have a friend's father who died at home for many days before he was found by the neighbors. His body stinks and begins to rot & hellip; & hellip;

For those who haven't been home for many years, when it's time for reunion, go home to accompany your elderly parents. There are very few people around me. They wear famous brands, eat game, drive luxury cars, and talk big words. But they don't come back for many years, they don't go back to their hometown during the Spring Festival, they don't show filial respect to their parents, they don't care about their parents all the year round, they don't give their parents any living expenses, and they don't even bother to make a phone call.

Love, no rest, filial piety, no turning back. Don't wait until the day your parents die, to cry bitterly, to repent.

Filial piety, please start from me, from this moment & hellip; & hellip;