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What is lo Niang? Lolita's daily dress etiquette and cultural interpretation

After three years in the pit, I heard more and more questions from new people. Among them, one of the most frequently asked questions is' how can I be a lo girl? ', so I'll analyze and explain what is a lo girl. The following remarks only represent individuals and are suggestions, not rules.

What is lo Niang?

First of all, what is "Lo Niang / Han"? It is an attribute, a title, a tagging word, such as "Coser", "fan fan", etc. it is a group of people who have the same communication based on their hobbies. Then there are differences between specific groups and other groups. The characteristic of Lo Niang / Han is that they love Lolita related products and works. Most people who have bought more than one product or even want more will get together to discuss new products and classics, forming a cultural circle - "Lo circle".

President of Japan Lolita Association

Places with 'circles' are more complicated than those in the rivers and lakes. In addition, the proportion of underage women in domestic Lo circles is very high, which makes the scene extremely chaotic. However, many of them are due to differences in clothing. The reasons are similar to' no XX, no lo Niang '. There are even ten levels of Lo Niang rules, which are both boring and meaningless. For example: no skirt is not lo Niang, no headdress is not lo Niang, no make-up is not lo Niang... The above is still the beginning, more unbearable, for example: no lo Niang every day, no Japanese brand is not lo Niang, no earthman glasses is not lo Niang, no wig is not... Cough, girls, you set this kind of spicy chicken regulation time to spend on learning Famous schools.

In fact, I think there are only two ways to judge whether the dress is lo Niang or not: 1. Love Lo culture; 2. Buy a genuine Lo skirt. Other shoes, headgear and wig are all personal taste problems. It's unnecessary for everyone to wear as neat as the model figure. It's personal hobby difference whether they wear a full set or not.

The rule of level 10 Lo Niang is too arrogant to conform to the common differences. The ten grade LO Niang refers to those who love to see people everywhere, and whether they meet their targets. They make complaints about others even if they do not meet them. They even have a ten grade old nest, which is called 'Little Pink'. They are tucking up others every day, but they do not know that they look like a hooligan and look ugly as they are looking for nothing.

Take the glasses for example. Although there are decorative Lo glasses, they are not for the sake of good-looking, but for the sake of poor eyesight! Up Lord, my eyes are 600 +. When I take off the glasses, they are hermaphroditic 20 meters away, no distinction between human and animal 50 meters away, and heaven and earth are united 100 meters away. Up Lord, I also wear contact lenses, but my eyes are sensitive and dry. The limit time is less than 6 hours. Some serious girls can't accept contact lenses at all. Ordinary invisible eyes can't reach level 10. They must be big eyes to meet their aesthetic standards. It's even more harmful to the health of the eyeglasses lady who has vision defects. Between beauty and health, of course, health is important. (I don't want to talk about the quality of Meitong in the market. The accuracy of Meitong and the corrective lenses are not the same in the market.)

There is a proper word "bald" for people who don't wear headgear. In fact, it's mostly self mockery. They feel that they don't wear headgear and feel that they are missing something. 'pain Lo' mostly refers to the lack of backing or support under jsk. Some people think that it's indecent to wear nothing inside, selling meat and being indecent. Er, we live in the 21st century. Is the Qing Dynasty dead? On the other hand, some of the ladies in the oil paintings have half breasts outside. As for the lo skirt, as long as you don't think the shoulder strap or armpit part is exposed, you think it's good-looking (I haven't seen jsk that can show a little bit. The style on the market is more conservative than most of the earth people's skirts), and it's OK not to wear it inside. After all, it's summer now The weather is not moving, the temperature is not capped, the temperature is not wearing clothes are hot to death, the ancient people did not cover so tightly in the heat, pay homage to the high temperature soldiers

As for some operations such as wearing a skirt and sneakers, wearing jeans under the skirt and so on, it can only be said that they are not good-looking. It's meaningless to blame the other party for not being Lo Niang. It doesn't seem that Lo Niang has any loss. Just communicate with people with similar taste. Daily wear is personal preference. How to wear a skirt is personal freedom. Rules are used to restrain oneself rather than to blame others. It's serious to love and support Lo culture, buy genuine and friendly communication.

There are different interpretations of this word, one is to use Lo skirt to make cos, the other is to use Lo skirt to sell after taking photos. I think it is more in line with the first article. Similarly, referring to the copyright issue, the dispute between lo and COS will not be repeated. And the second one, to be honest, is not wrong. Although it is very convenient to trade through the Internet just like the cos service, the lo skirt is just a commodity. No matter its buyers sell it after taking photos, refit it or even take it to the sea, others have no right to interfere. So don't worry, girls, if you change the original skirt, it will become a mountain. How can you make the skirt comfortable. (of course, if you buy it, you can't use it to build a cottage.)

Dress etiquette of Lo Niang

Next is the etiquette. Because of the large size and easy to collide after wearing the skirt, even if it is improved compared with the ancient dress, it is not as convenient as the earth people's clothing in daily activities, and even has more trouble. You can refer to the tutorial of meishazi Seid = 647033741822375746, but this is not comprehensive. Japan is a country that pays great attention to etiquette, and lo culture is also rising in Japan. Daily etiquette has long been used to among people. But the domestic situation will be more complicated. I hope you can pursue external beauty and make your behavior more beautiful.

Tea party

When it comes to lo Niang's tea party, Lolita tea party is an off-line gathering for lo niangs to have tea and snacks together, exchange ideas and take a fancy to new activities. It is often invited by local organizations or store brands, such as AP, baby tea parties over the years, tea parties in various cities in China, etc. different from daily life, to participate in tea party is a public activity, which must comply with the regulations of the organizer, such as must wear set (complete set), must wear master's clothes The brand and limited style of the organizer are sweet... If they don't meet the conditions, they are refused admission. The organizer has no fault. The tea party is a private gathering, not a public exhibition. These conditions are for the guests to enjoy the tea party more, which is necessary for the implementation of the activities. It's natural for us to refuse to go through the mountains.


Although it's personal freedom to wear clothes in daily life, there are still some suggestions, such as skirt support. It's not suitable to wear too violent support in daily life, because it's too large, it's inconvenient to move, and it's easy to wipe or even damage the skirt. If there is no special reason (birthday, photo) also don't wear gorgeous style, tea party style, flower wedding style to stroll in the street, these corresponding to the earth people's dress and wedding dress, wearing shopping is really not suitable, damaged also distressed, daily wear some light print skirt, small fresh op and so on is very good, gorgeous skirt is left for tea party and important moment. If you want to exercise or other work with a large amount of activity, it's better to change the skirt, or the earth people's casual clothes are not distressed.

Wedding and funeral

Wedding is a woman's most beautiful day, on which the girl will put on a beautiful dress and become the focus of the audience. And for the lo girls who usually wear gorgeous skirts with a high rate of return, it's better to keep a low profile. Even if you want to wear it, please choose a simple style, less ruffles, absolutely avoid pure white, otherwise it is easy to cause misunderstanding, unless others can clearly see that you are still a child, or the new couple will certainly have complaints against you, even if you are a good friend of the bride. It's the same with being a bridesmaid. The bridesmaid's dress code is simple and uniform. It's best to be a bridesmaid, usually in goose yellow, pink and champagne. If you wear flowers to attend the wedding... You can't blame anyone for being thrown out. It feels like a wedding snatcher.

Funeral is a farewell and a sad day for the family members of the deceased. However, there was an incident in which Lo Niang was besieged for 15 years. The victim was wearing a black cat count, a black printed dress full of lovely cats. However, it was totally not in line with the serious atmosphere of funeral. Even if you had no malice, in the eyes of the family members of the deceased, it was like playing the funeral as a show. Funeral requirements are not complicated, just plain black and printed skirt. It's better to give up wearing Lo on this occasion. No one will be disqualified if they don't wear Lo on this day. With a day of fashion, simply give respect to the deceased.

To sum up, Lolita can not be above the basic etiquette. China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. Before being a lo Niang, you are a Chinese. Ignorance is not a problem when you are young. You don't know how to repent. No matter how beautiful you are, it's also a bad thing.

Entry notes

Earthman: lo Niang's pet name for non Lo lovers

Jsk: short for suspender skirt, vest skirt, sleeveless dress and jumper ski.

OP: a dress with sleeves. Short for one piece.

Sk: skirt, skirt, short for skirt.

High temperature Warrior: even if it's very hot, people who insist on wearing sweaty clothes like Lo are probably in love.

Gorgeous style: a single or a full set of gorgeous Lo skirts. Some of the same style will have simple style and gorgeous style for customers with different degrees of shame to choose

Tea party Fund: as the name suggests, it is suitable to participate in tea party.

Flower wedding money: directly in Japanese, flower wedding translated into bride, that is, wedding dress, many women want to wear flower wedding money.

Shame degree: for the acceptance value and shame tolerance of the gorgeous degree, it can be gradually improved, but it should not be reduced.