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Can Android grab reminders via wechat? How to set strong reminder function on wechat

With the upgrade of wechat software system, a 'strong reminder' function has been added. After the contact is set to 'strong reminder', when the other party sends a message, the whole screen will display the message, vibrate and ring, so as to avoid forgetting. Can Android grab reminders through wechat? How to set strong reminder function on wechat?

Methods / steps:

Open wechat, find the contact who needs to set "strong reminder" and open the message dialog box.

Click the '... Button in the upper right corner of the message dialog box.

Open the 'chat message' setting box, find 'strong reminder' and open it. At the bottom of the screen will appear a line of words' remind the full screen of the first message before 15:28 '.

When you return to the main interface, the word "strong reminder" will appear on the screen. Click to open it.

The system displays a list of 'strong reminders'. We can set multiple' strong reminders' in the same way as before.

If the other party sends a short message within 3 hours, a 'strong reminder' will appear on the whole screen, and the mobile phone will vibrate and ring, just like the mobile phone receives a call, until you click 'I know'.

If you want to turn off the strong reminder, it's also very simple. Just select a contact on the strong reminder interface. After long pressing, the "cancel reminder" will appear. After clicking, it will be cancelled.