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Do you need to change license plate for car ownership transfer? What are the regulations on motor ve

Nowadays, compared with previous years, the number of car changes is much more. The ownership of a car always needs to be transferred. Does the license plate need to be changed for the transfer of ownership? What are the regulations on motor vehicle registration? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

license plate needs to be changed.


Article 12 in the provisions on motor vehicle registration, if the vehicle management office needs to change the number of the motor vehicle license plate when handling the change registration of the motor vehicle, it shall withdraw the number plate and driving license, determine the new number of the motor vehicle license plate, and re issue the number plate, driving license and inspection mark.

Article 13 if the residence of the owner of a motor vehicle moves out of the jurisdiction of the vehicle management office, the vehicle management office shall, within three days from the date of acceptance, sign the changes on the motor vehicle registration certificate, take back the number plate and driving license, issue the temporary driving license plate with a validity period of 30 days, and hand over the motor vehicle archives to the owner of the motor vehicle.

The owner of a motor vehicle shall, within the validity period of the temporary license plate, apply for the transfer of the motor vehicle to the local vehicle administration office.

Extended information:

The license plate number can be reserved under the original owner's name, but it is also conditional:

1. If the original owner has used the license plate for one year after the old car is transferred or scrapped, then the original license plate number can be used. When handling the transfer, the license plate number will be automatically retained to the next year of the original owner's name, without going through the retention procedures.

2. Within one year after the transfer of ownership, the vehicle can apply to the vehicle management office for the use of the original brand. If the original owner does not apply for the use within one year, the brand will re-enter the number pool and be released to the public.

3. The original owner, whether buying a new car or a second-hand car, can choose to use the original number or apply for a new number.

4. If the original motor vehicle is involved in road traffic safety violations or traffic accidents, it should be dealt with first.