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What is pineapple's suicide and homicide? Are fruit shops like this now

Today's Pineapple suicide and homicide on the hot search, pineapple as a kind of fruit is not to commit suicide is to kill injustice! Now to introduce pineapple suicide and homicide is what stem? Are fruit shops so social now?

Pineapple's suicide and homicide

I went to the fruit shop to buy pineapples. When I weighed them and paid, the waiter pointed to the little brother who cut the fruit and said to me: do you want him to kill me or commit suicide? He killed me plus two yuan. I: I'd better commit suicide. Save a little

Other fruits are taught to peel or check. How can pineapples be killed? Even watermelons are taught to cut. It's not as miserable as killing. It turns out that this is inseparable from regional culture.

Some stall owners also call it this way for the sake of funny headlines. After all, it's a big project for pineapple to be killed, so they will take the money of "pineapple kills itself 10 fast, he kills 12 fast".