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Can pregnant women eat mulberry? Efficacy and function of mulberry

Mulberry is very rare in ordinary fruit stalls. The shape color of mulberry is red and black. Mulberry is not only edible, but also can be made into mulberry wine. So what are the effects of mulberry? Can pregnant women eat mulberry?

Can pregnant women eat mulberry?

Mulberry is rich in nutritional value, active protein, vitamin C, amino acids, minerals, anthocyanins and so on. Pregnant women eat mulberry can promote the growth of red blood cells, prevent leukopenia, often eat mulberry can alleviate dry eyes, improve skin blood supply.

Mulberry has black, white two, fresh to purple black for tonic top grade. Because mulberry vitamin content is very high, and sweet juicy, more suitable for eating. Therefore, pregnant women can eat mulberry in an appropriate amount. However, mulberry cold, should not eat more, pregnant women eat mulberry should be around 10.

Efficacy and function of mulberry

1. [supplementary nutrition]: mulberry is rich in nutritional value, which is five times higher than apple, especially contains a lot of vitamins and active protein, which are very beneficial for pregnant women.

2. [invigorating stomach and promoting digestion]: Mulberry contains fatty acid and malic acid, which can promote the digestion of protein and starch. It is a very good fruit for pregnant women with poor appetite, especially those who are just pregnant.

3. [beauty and dark hair]: Mulberry contains a lot of vitamin C, fruit acid and dark hair element. It can improve the blood circulation and keep the skin in good health. Especially for the middle-aged and old people, it also has the function of beauty and anti-aging. Of course, it also has the function of dark hair.

4. [improve immunity and resistance]: during pregnancy, women's body resistance and immunity are relatively weak, and the high-quality nutrition in mulberry can also enhance the resistance and immunity of pregnant women.

5. [anti cancer and anti-cancer]: mulberry has the effect of preventing the spread of tumor cells. It is a very good auxiliary food for preventing cancer cell lesions. In general, the high nutritional value of mulberry, pregnant women eat is very beneficial, but, mulberry cold, and sugar is relatively high, in the consumption or appropriate for good.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat mulberry

1. Mulberry is rich in nutritional value, but you can't eat more. The volatile oil contained in mulberry can stimulate the digestive tract, inhibit a variety of digestive enzymes in the intestine, and cause hemorrhagic enteritis and epistaxis. Immature mulberry can not be eaten, because mulberry contains more trypsin inhibitor tannic acid, which will affect the absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and other substances.

2. [be careful when buying mulberry]: when buying mulberry, you should pay attention to the fullness and thickness of the particles, no water, and the firmness, which is better. If the color of mulberry is dark, the taste is sweet, and the inside is raw, you should pay attention to it. It may be dyed. So pay attention when you buy.

3. [mulberry cleaning skills]: due to the uneven surface of mulberry, it is difficult to clean the dirty things in the gap. With a little force, the skin will break. When washing mulberry, first use tap water to continuously wash the surface of mulberry for a few minutes, then soak it in rice washing water (with a little salt). After a while, wash it with clean water. The soaking time should be controlled at about 15 minutes.