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How to make a red envelope with tiktok? Tiktok short video red envelopes detailed steps to introduce

Recently, the tiktok has introduced the red pack method, not only can grab red packets, but also can send red packets, all free! Tiktok, how do you send red packets? The following tiktok is short, video frequency is red envelopes detailed steps introduce to understand.

How do you send red packets tiktok?

1. Open the home page search, you can see don't go, I want to send a red envelope of the topic;

2. Then take part in the red envelope shooting, as shown in the picture:

3. At this time, you can see the red envelope in the lower left corner of the shot, as shown in the figure:

4. After clicking, you can see the free red envelope;

5. Use red envelope stickers to send out your new year's red envelope wishes;

6. At this time, hand out will see the red envelope, shooting can be released.