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What is Cai Xukun playing basketball? Cai Xu make complaints about playing basketball in fancy style

Cai Xukun is undoubtedly a new generation of top traffic Xiaosheng. Because of his popularity, maybe the NBA took a fancy to his influence. He served as the NBA's China image ambassador at the beginning of this year, but recently he was teased by station B, causing Cai Xukun's fans to withdraw from station B. What is Cai Xukun playing basketball?

China's brother Cai Xukun, who acted as the NBA ambassador to China earlier this year, took the promotional videos with the letters, brothers, and Thompson. Cai Xukun showed great skill in the promotional films. Cai Xukun, however, played basketball jumping feeling, causing the basketball fans to tuckus. Cai Xukun's basketball video was widely spread, and even some people used to make complaints about the video so that Cai Xukun could have another fire at B station. He gave me a hand.

Recently, some netizens have a whim to send 'you play basketball like caixukun' to others through a social tool, and then click the translation. It turns out that 'you play basketball very well'! Through many netizens' tests, it turns out that this is the result.

This is a bit embarrassing, because although Cai Xukun's popularity is very strong, his level of playing is really not flattering, and because he became the spokesman of the NBA to shoot a video, he was sprayed by basketball fans. And this time, it's a senior black!

Fans who are familiar with NBA know that one of the official spokesmen for the Chinese New Year's image of NBA this year is popular little student Cai Xukun. He, along with Letterman, Lillard and Thompson, shot three new year's propaganda films to express NBA officials' celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.

However, after Cai Xukun became the spokesman of the NBA, the NBA fans in China were boiling, and even could be called the excitement of the crowd. As we all know, Cai Xukun is now the traffic bearer on social media, and the forwarding amount of any picture is 100W +. No matter whether the data is true or not, it seems to be the most popular figure in China.

In the propaganda film, Cai Xukun showed off his basketball skills in a big way, making basketball a hip-hop dance, which has to be said to be unique. Netizens through the video to make a lot of moving pictures, basketball fans become the topic of taunt. If someone says to others on the field, how can you play like Cai Xukun? I believe the opposite person will put down his basketball and rush to fight with you.

It is worth mentioning that most of the fans hold this view. It seems that the NBA is quite a 'man' sport, and it is not suitable to look for the endorsement of CAI Xukun. Therefore, whether on social media or forums, the doubts about CAI Xukun have never disappeared. It seems that the NBA has not been very successful in inviting Cai Xukun as its spokesperson to attract female fans this time.

Cai Xukun playing basketball

Recently, there are a lot of CAI Xukun playing basketball on Douban Hupu and other websites, which makes many people very confused. In fact, this stem was first spread on Hupu. Some netizens have a discussion about who is the best player in the current flow idol basketball game. Cai Xukun is one of these flow stars.

This moving picture is actually a display of CAI Xukun's special skills when he participated in "idol trainee". Cai Xukun combined basketball with dance. Some netizens said that they were a little embarrassed. Playing basketball made people feel too soft, because in everyone's impression, basketball is a more powerful sport, so Cai Xukun began to play basketball on the website.

Because Cai Xukun wrote in his resume that he used to be a member of the U.S. school team, some netizens felt that his level was slightly different. However, some netizens said that at that time, Cai Xukun was a special performance combining dance and basketball, and didn't think there was any problem.

In fact, as an idol artist, Cai Xukun is not a professional basketball player. As a star spokesman, it is impossible to compare with professional basketball players. As a new generation of traffic, Cai Xukun is indeed a very popular idol, and now he is making continuous progress in his own field.