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New news on housing price trend this year

After the house sales restriction, it has a great impact on everyone. Those who want to sell houses can't sell them, and those who want to change houses can't buy them, so everyone is waiting until the house sales restriction order is cancelled. At present, the sales restriction of ten cities has expired, and many friends are cheering to sell and buy houses.

New news on housing price trend this year

It is reasonable to say that the expiration of the sales restriction order in ten cities not only means that the real estate sales restriction order has been cancelled, but also means that the activity of the real estate market has increased. Why did some websites comment that the just emerging small spring of the real estate market will disappear? This is because the scarcity of goods is more expensive, the number of houses is increasing, and the buyers have more choices. On the contrary, it will increase the purchase time and inhibit the growth of trading volume.

Yesterday, Xia Lei, vice president of Evergrande Research Institute, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that compared with financial, land, taxation and other regulatory tools, sales restriction has a more significant impact on real estate trading volume and price in the short term. It can effectively restrain investment and investment demand in the market overheating period, and quickly step on the brake in the market high temperature.

Take Xiamen as an example. Before the new deal was issued on March 25, 2017, the turnover of second-hand housing in Xiamen was about 7000 units in March, while it dropped sharply to 3830 units in April.

The real estate market has returned to stability, and housing transactions have further returned to rationality

However, as the current real estate market has returned to stability, and the housing transaction has further returned to rationality, even if the first batch of restricted commercial houses are listed and circulated one after another, it is not expected to have a great impact on the market under the background that other regulatory policies are still strictly implemented. In terms of policy continuity, the current real estate policy aims at 'stabilizing land price, housing price, expectation and risk prevention', with more emphasis on adjusting measures to local conditions and implementing policies accurately.

Local governments have greater autonomy in regulation and control, and are expected to moderately revise the previous regulation and control under the pressure of balancing 'steady growth, ensuring finance and rising house prices'. Some cities may choose to withdraw from the sales restriction policy under the background of further stable real estate market. Zhang Bo also said that it would be the general trend to withdraw the sales restriction policy one after another, but the pace of withdrawal of hot cities may be slow.