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How to clean the blood stains on the sheets? How does aunt blood wash clean

Girls will come every month, sometimes inadvertently put blood on the sheets or underwear, and stained with blood is very difficult to clean, let a person worry. Next, Xiaobian will introduce some tips for cleaning your aunt's blood, so that you can easily wash off the blood.

How does aunt blood wash

A little trick

Sprinkle some salt on the bloodstain. The friction particles on the salt have a good cleaning effect. Then pour some cold water on it. Remember not to pour hot water. Soak it for about 5 minutes. When the time is up, we will squeeze some hand sanitizer on the bloodstain and rub it vigorously. When the rubbing is finished, we can find that the original fixed blood stains are gone. Later, we will flush the aunt's blood with water, and we will wash it clean.

How does aunt blood wash clean

Tips 2

Girls always like to get their aunt's blood on the sheets. How can they clean them? First, put a plastic bag or plastic wrap under the stains on the sheets. Then uncover the sheets. Wet two or three tissues and put them under the stains and above the plastic bags. Then, on the stains on the sheets, press the dry tissue to absorb water. Press a little more, the water on the wet tissue will seep into the sheet, and then wash the blood onto the dry tissue.

Tips 3

If your aunt's blood leaks on her underwear, we can wash it like this. Don't wet the underwear first. Apply blue moon's hand washing liquid to the spot where there are stains. Then don't rush to clean it. You can leave it for 5 minutes to let the liquid react with the stains fully, and then gently rub it with your hands to clean it. Timely cleaning is generally washable.