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How to set the wechat message reminder function? Wechat message reminder setting process

When chatting with friends, we sometimes send some important information, such as meeting arrangement or work assignment. In order to prevent forgetting these important information, we can set these important information as reminders on wechat. How to set the wechat message reminder function? Let's take a look at the wechat message reminder setting process.

Methods / steps:

Slide the screen left and right on the phone, and then find the icon of the installed wechat.

Next, open the chat window with friends and find the important chat information to add a reminder.

Right click the chat message, and then select 'reminder' from the pop-up menu.

Next, we'll set the time to remind. After setting, click the 'set reminder' button in the upper right corner.

At this time, the message of 'reminder added' will be displayed at the bottom of the chat window.

After the set time, wechat will send us the important information set above in the form of service notification.