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What do you eat after wisdom tooth extraction

What do you eat after wisdom tooth extraction many people have wisdom teeth. Most wisdom teeth germinate in adolescence. We should never neglect them. Some wisdom teeth are connected with nerve endings. A little carelessness will cause irreversible damage. Many people don't know when to eat when they have pulled out their teeth. What's the best thing to eat? Let's have a look!

Wisdom teeth, the third molars, often fail to sprout normally due to the degradation of human jaws, and their surfaces will be covered by gums in whole or in part. So most people's wisdom teeth don't grow very well. They usually get old and sore or often suffer from inflammation. It's suggested that we go to the hospital as soon as possible and pull them out as soon as possible. It may become a hidden danger to keep them. However, if four wisdom teeth are long and complete, and all of them are in the right position and orderly without caries, they can not be pulled out, but you'd better go to the stomatology department for an examination every year, because some caries may not be judged by the naked eye.

For pregnant friends, in addition to stomatologists, obstetricians and gynaecologists will also advise you to solve the problem of teeth before pregnancy, because during pregnancy, the female body's estrogen secretion has increased, the systemic resistance and local immunity, anti infection ability have decreased, the resistance to bacteria has decreased, and it is easy to have 'wisdom tooth pericoronitis'. At the same time, during pregnancy and lactation, calcium The loss is more serious. Mothers are also prone to hunger. They often add meals in the middle of the night. However, we can't guarantee that they brush their teeth after every meal. All factors add up, which greatly increases the proportion of mothers suffering from caries and various oral problems during pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy and childbirth, the treatment of inflammation is different on weekdays. If it is not treated, the adults will be more painful. If the medication is limited, so many times, doctors can only take conservative treatment locally. So pregnant mothers must go to the stomatology department when they do the pre pregnancy physical examination. Don't be like me. After pulling out one wisdom tooth, they dare not pull out another one, and then they are pregnant, and then it becomes like this.

It doesn't hurt to pull out wisdom teeth

At the time of the first extraction of wisdom teeth, there was more fear at that time. There was some pain when the tooth was extracted and anesthetized, and then there was no feeling. After the effect of anesthetics subsided, there was a little pain and swelling for two days, and then it was OK. With some experience and expectation, the process of wisdom tooth extraction will not feel so painful. Because there was less bleeding and no inflammation in the mouth when I pulled out my teeth, and I didn't take anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers while I was breastfeeding, I began to suffer from pain and swelling after pulling out, which lasted for several days. However, this extraction has eliminated my fear of dentists. Wisdom tooth extraction is not as terrible as I thought. The pain is certain, but it is absolutely tolerable. We should not go to the dentist because of fear, but we will delay in the end.

What to eat after pulling

Generally, you need to bite the cotton ball within 40 minutes after the wisdom tooth is removed. You can eat 2 hours later (some suggest that you can eat 4 hours later) and brush your teeth 24 hours later. As for the precautions of tooth extraction, the stomatologist will order that we mainly talk about the contents of diet here.

On the day of tooth extraction, we usually focus on warm and cold liquid food and half liquid food, instead of hot and hard food. Then we can choose: thick rice soup, steamed egg soup, milk, yoghurt, fresh juice, various porridge, wonton, soft steamed food, fruit and vegetable soup, fish soup (I don't advocate only soup, cut meat into small pieces and stew it very bad, and the right soup is to eat meat with a little Soup), soft rice, soymilk, tofu brain, etc. In summer, when pulling out teeth, choosing an ice cream is a reward for teeth. When you eat something cool, you will feel more comfortable. But when you choose an ice cream, you should choose a variety that tastes less sweet, more delicate and has better raw materials. Yogurt ice cream is a good choice, of course, one ice cream a day is OK. I had an ice cream two hours after pulling out my teeth, and four hours later I had soft steamed bread, rotten rice, millet, mung bean porridge and boiled meatball and white gourd soup.

I see a lot of netizens have been eating liquid food in the first week of tooth extraction. Many of them are so hungry that they can't stand it. In fact, it's unnecessary. There are many friends who have been drinking soup, all kinds of soup, spareribs soup, chicken soup, etc. there is really not much nutrition in the soup. The nutritional value of the soup is less than 1 / 10 of the meat. If you have been drinking the soup without eating other food, you will not have enough nutrition. Experts on the nutritional value of the soup have explained it very clearly. There is not much to say here. If the reaction is serious after tooth extraction, like me this time, you can choose the thin, soft and rotten food, then eat less and more meals, eat more meals (each meal can't eat much, you will be hungry after a meal, only two or three hours to eat something), if necessary, drink some full nutrition preparation, which can not only meet the energy demand but also meet the nutritional demand, except for those who want to take advantage of it to lose weight; if the reaction is not strict Heavy, like my last tooth extraction, I began to eat soft food the next day. After 40 hours, I had a normal diet, but it was slower than usual. I must chew the other side's teeth for a while, and wash my mouth after dinner. I should wash my mouth carefully, not too violently. At this time, we should remember to avoid spicy and hot food.